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Sunday, September 22, 2019
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The Young People Refusing To Be Quiet About Climate Change

It’s clear that climate change is already having an impact on human rights. Millions of people are already suffering from the catastrophic effects...

The Climate Change Activist Part of a Much Bigger Movement

Bruno might be one person in Argentina. But he’s an Ambassador Of Conscience, because he’s part of something much bigger—the Friday’s For Future...

From an Argentinian Jail to U.S. Congress

Jonathan Fantini-Porter is the son of Nestor Fantini, a former political prisoner in Argentina during the 1970s, and a "product of Amnesty International" This...

Statement by Lucinda Evans, OBR South Africa Coordinator, on the situation...

One Billion Rising South Africa Coordinator Lucinda Evans, one of the leaders and organizers of the 17,000 strong protest, spoke out about the...

عبور از نظام اسلامی با کدامین ابزار

عبور از نظام اسلامی با کدامین ابزار اینروزها شاهد بروز لیستهای چهارده نفره رجال و بانوان فعال اجتماعی و مدنی برای عبور از جمهوری...

The 95-year-old Refusing to Give Up Hope

John Sato, a 95-year-old World War Two veteran, took four buses to join an anti-racism march in central Auckland after the March 2019...

How to Spot a Killer Robot

Amnesty supports banning Killer Robots - or Autonomous Weapons Systems. Find out why!

How to spot fake news

Not sure what's legit? Here's your handy guide.



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