The Women Replacing Fear With Love


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Before we are born, human hands develop in tiny fists, fingers folded tightly into the centre of small hands, carving lines into palms that some say define our futures. At birth, fists unfold, revealing destinies unknown. In our justice movements, futures are written by fists too – fists held high in protest; hands held in solidarity; fists that hold maps to new beginnings, lift earth, create new worlds.

In Lebanon, women from refugee and migrant communities face exploitative working conditions, poor living conditions, violence and racism but together migrant community leaders are speaking out against abuse and exploitation, building worlds with their palms every day.

Amnesty International partnered with storytelling organization Fearless Collective to create a mural in the heart of Beirut honouring their advocacy work. They drew inspiration from the power of the fist, exploring how it’s integral to our fight for justice. Our futures are written in our fists. Fists are held high in protests, hands held in solidarity. Fists hold maps to new beginnings and can lift earth and create new worlds.

Soundtrack “RESPECT” by Petite Noir