Hong Kong: "We Serve with Pride and Care" How police are escalating tensions


Learn how Amnesty International acted in real-time to verify reports of the Hong Kong police’s escalating use of force against protesters from June to October 2019. Our experts analysed video and other evidence to show how police tactics fuelled a climate of fear rather than de-escalating the situation.

Find out more here: https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2019/09/hong-kong-protests-explained/


  1. Amnesty International is fueling tensions in Hong Kong by fabricating fake news against the HK police. On top of that, Amnesty International is also fueling tensions in the US-sponsored riots in Jakarta and West Papua. And to help the US spread Color Revolutions in Asia, Amnesty International is pressuring Singapore's government to grant Joshua Wong and the other HK rioters political asylum. Amnesty International is a very strange organization. No wonder governments across Asia distrust Amnesty International.

  2. Take them back to their mother land …great Britain ..u guys are real hypocrites …lol …only dumb hk youngsters believe they are the chosen generation to restore the system …

  3. My goodness …typical fake news with evil intention ..great hypocrites of the western ..long live the queen ..get Charles to step up to his mom before u guys start messing with other countries policy…worst than the Yankees..lol

  4. Shame on Amnesty International! Now I know exactly what kind of organization you are! SHAME! If in the United Snakes thousands would have been dead already!

  5. Hong Kong police is serving with "pride" right now because they are above the law. No identification, no consequence or whatsoever after brutalising people.

    Protesters who attacked the police could be arrested, tried and sentenced to jail of up to 10 years. Police who exercised excessive force or tortured people were given a free rein by the government. How could the situation not escalate?

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