World Leaders Get Schooled On Climate Change


The climate breakdown is the biggest Human Rights challenge that humanity has ever faced. Despite the facts, world leaders are not acting with the urgency the situation requires. We must not stand by and watch whilst young people are out on the streets fighting for change while world leaders are not doing enough.

There is an urgent need for governments to put people and human rights at the centre of the climate change conversation. For Amnesty International and other human rights organizations, this means pushing for accountability for states who fail to act on climate change, just as we do with other human rights violations.

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateJustice4All


  1. STOP CAUSING A DIVIDE YOU FREAKS. How about you focus on the bankers and Israelis who are pulling the strings of these PUPPET "LEADERS"!!!!!!!

  2. like it… great job triggering the Trumptards who do not care about the natural world or pollution… should have got Greta in on the act though… the triggered level would go through the roof!

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  4. Climate Change is a major issue but we, the citizens, need to reduce our carbon footprint. Your message is good though but Amnesty International sometimes cry a bit too much. You're correct in mocking the politicians who don't do enough, I agree there. I thought Angela Merkel was trying hard to reduce CO2 emissions so I'm not sure attacking her was the right thing.

  5. The only "bad guys" here are the ones who would blindly fight for a cause whist ignoring the more solvable issues we have today like lifting half the world's population out of poverty. If we do that we will potentially double the total sum of human brainpower then maybe we can start taking climate change seriously.

  6. Typical Amnesty having nothing to do with human rights and having everything to do with pushing it's extreme political agenda, even at the cost of breaking human rights.
    Don't worry I won't be the bad guy, I shall stay away form them, there called Amnesty International.

  7. Since when did people drink oil? Also pretty sure we breathe out CO2 which is the main reason plants help us because it produces carbohydrates and oxygen through photosynthesis and photosynthesis if you did your research includes Co2 so stop talking complete rubbish and gather actual facts that might just help the world.

  8. I believe in climate change 100% and after watching this, I'm just left hoping that the world ends even quicker…

    Seriously what the actual fuck is this shit? Comes off like creepy propaganda for kids?
    What's with all the time wasted on political jousting and mocking? What does that achieve exactly?

    Not a single practical suggestion for people to decrease their carbon footprint and incorporate more environmentally friendly habits into their lifestyle. What an awful waste of time for everyone involved, not to mention the animation budget which was clearly under a fiver.

  9. Literal propaganda. The only person who should be lectured in that room is XI JINPING. I am voting HARD RIGHT WING next election. No more mass immigration of non europeans, no more sexual liberation bs, no more shame over heritage, no more technocrat surveillance state, NO MORE GLOBALISM

  10. Wow this ad is completely retarded, lost most of my brain cells when it was shoved down my throat.I was watching something that had no relevance to it.
    Come here to dislike and move on at least i feel a bit more intune with the iq of greta thunburg.

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