The Swedish Activism Group Campaigning for a Consent-Based Culture



  1. What a load of feminist bollocks. Consent is a two-way-street which shouldn't be lumbered purely in the responsibility of the man. Laws like this are a great way to have a wave of false accusations insuring men are languishing in jail for crimes they didn't commit. Its horrendous that any "human rights" charity would praise law which gives a blank cheque to any women with a personal vendetta.
    On a side note Sweden's increase in "rape" is not a problem with Swedish men not understanding women's signals, but instead down to the thousands of undocumented migrants they have. Especially the 30-40 year old men claiming to be children and placed in children's homes.

  2. The idea of consent should be common sense. It has been muddied on purpose by elites who don't prosecute rapists because they are immigrants or from ethnic minorities. These elites have an agenda and it's diametrically opposed to basic human rights

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