How To Protest Peacefully


Everyone has the right to protest. Here is your guide on how to stay safe and be effective.


  1. We can not talk or protest in Egypt we have a dictator his name is sisi killed alot of civilian without Fair trail and put thouned of civilian in a prisons please amnesty support us .. thanks

  2. In Egypt am sure other countries too police pay peeps dressed as civilians to infiltrate protests and attack protesters from the inside. Women were the main victims of such attacks which where in the form of sxual assaults. They also used to sabotage public property to give bad image to the protests. sigh, as my Egyptian brother mentioned, currently, we can't even protest in Egypt. It's not an option, just wearing a shirt with a statement can – and does- send u to prison.

  3. Ya ben senin tavsiyenden dolayı magnezyum ve potasyum aldım ama doktora değerlerimi ölctürmedim günde sabah tok karna dedi eczacı kullanmaya başlıcam yarın dan itibaren ne diyorsun kullanım mi

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