Debunking myths and lies about refugees


“Before we go any further let’s get some labels out of the way.
So: I had to leave my city, Raqqa, because of the war.
While I was on the run inside my own country, you could say I was internally displaced.
But when I crossed the border into Turkey, I became a refugee.
When I arrived in Austria, I’ve applied for asylum and While I was waiting for my application to be approved, I was an asylum-seeker.
When Austria said yes to letting me stay, I was officially recognized as a refugee.
I’m too but at the end of the day what I wanted is to be safe!”

This is a myth-busting vlog featuring the award-winning young Syrian journalist Rania Ali.
Your essential guide to debunking myths and lies about refugees and to be an activist for positive changes… spread your knowledge, be a volunteer, donate your unwanted gifts, help your community to integrate newcomers, add your voice to the millions who already welcome refugees!
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  1. I hate the way the right wing politicians & media make up this propaganda to get what they want. In the UK the far right is quite popular and it's really concerning.

  2. One thing is a truth. She is a part of a flood of millions that are transforming the West. Europe has ceased to be Europe. It has become something else. The same thing is being forced onto the US. We are even seeing large groups from the Congo and other Countries of Africa and Asia. The West of 100 years from now will look more like the Third Word.
    Amnesty International is an integral part of this process.
    These are not Myths.

  3. This is BS. When you left Turkey you stopped being a refugee and became an economic migrant. Why didn't you stay in a muslim country? You say you want to return to Syria, well the war is over. Send us a postcard and stop lying

  4. 'Refugees' and 'Asylum seekers' almost never return home, they are invaders plain and simple. There are tons of countries with the same religious, language and cultural background for these people to go to which are adjacent to where they are allegedly fleeing from, but they come to the rich parts of the West as raiding parties in what the UN calls, 'replacement migration'. Ethnic replacement is genocide. So you are a war criminal. See you in the Hague, i'll be an aggrieved party and a witness, seeking reparations from you and those people whom work for human rights violating globalist organisations like amnesty international. I, my people and my culture all have a right to exist, replacement migration denies us that right. As an aside, most invaders claiming to be Syrian have been found to be lying about their country of origin. They still were not sent home though, because the goal is genocide of the European peoples.

  5. One good immigrant means all immigrants are good…
    except for all the foreign rapists
    except for all the foreign murderers
    except for all the foreign gangsters
    except for all the foreign Jihadis
    except for all the foreign drug dealers
    except for all the foreign human traffickers
    the list goes on…

  6. Shehan Jayawardene  Stop islamization of America.
    Meanwhile, Europeans brought a non-European ideology into Europe, an ideology that, for more than a thousand years, sought to replace Christianity as the world's dominant religion. The Europeans, believing in nothing distinctly Christian or Western and believing in the moral and intellectual nonsense known as "multiculturalism" — a doctrine that asserts that all cultures are morally equivalent — saw nothing problematic in bringing millions of Muslims into Europe. They had no idea that most of these people actually wanted to replace Christianity with their religion. They had no idea because, in their ignorance and arrogance, they assumed that because they were secular multiculturalists, everybody else was, too — or would be, once they lived in Europe.

  7. kill them all on entry to any european country. we are overflowing with 3rd world cunts. just look at the festering shitehole london has become.

  8. All immigrant/refugee boats need to be bombed out of the water, stay in your own countries, stop filthying our white christian civilized countries up with your perversions, criminality and free loading off hard working tax payers!!!

  9. Globalists backed by George Soros and the entire globo-homo establishment, trying to sell the most absurd lies in order to keep destroying western countries.

  10. I wonder what would happen if all refugees die. Would those haters be happy? What will the right wings say?
    How much hate can a person contain? I'm struggling and about to die and these haters still don't care, they still look in disgust and hate as if I killed them. The world is filled with monsters.

  11. Country's dont allow muslim refugee bacause they do radical things. In birmingham,england, muslims refugee want shariah law except england democratic law…seriously!! Why a country will allow problems knowingly

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