Say no to injustice: #TurnItUp


Loan Torondel was volunteering with refugees and migrants in Calais in 2018. He was convicted of defamation for tweeting a photograph of policemen standing over one of the many people routinely evicted from informal camps.

This criminalisation of people trying to help refugees and migrants is emerging as a dangerous pattern across Europe. But people like Loan are raising their voice in the face of injustice through the #TurnItUp campaign ahead of the EU elections:

“It is people, citizens, who mobilise daily to limit the suffering of people that can build a better society.”

“It is important that European citizens raise their voices in the European elections because in Europe migrants are forced to risk their lives at borders and to live in extremely dangerous camps. We see it in the Mediterranean, in Greece, the Balkans, in Calais.”

“And if we want to change it, it is possible. Solutions exist.”


  1. He is a traitor on the same level as Petain. French people are suffering daily, Calais is a nightmare, businesses are closing in Calais and native French people are scared to walk around in their own city and country. These illegal invaders needs to be imported asap. This beta male can go back to Africa with them if he wants, then he'll see true tolerance.
    Those who are treated unjustly, is the native people of Calais and France.

  2. No thank you they can go back to their own countries❗️……. And all because they do not want to assimilate❗️……. But want to change our culture to the backward culture they left behind❗️

  3. Definitely. What Europe needs is a common asylum policies that deals with refugees & protects the external borders within the accordance of human rights legislation. The reaction from two people in the comments section of this displayed is not the solution & is openly racist as you're painting them as different from you & therefor deserving of lessor treatment than whites. Make no mistake, if the Calais Migrants were eastern Ukrainian refugees, they would be whining about how the police & gov'ts in the west are persecuting refugees & rightfully so. But, when it's people from Africa & the Middle East who are in a shittier position thanks to climate change induced alterations, they're painted as primitive, invaders & freeloaders, all of which is very dehumanizing language. This language should be condemned & no amount of "But, I'm telling the truth", "It was just a joke", or whatever other bullshit excuse should be allowed to take precedent in debates surrounding immigration. Social media sites need to do a better job enforcing hate speech policies.

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