Why hate can’t win if we #TurnItUp ahead of EU elections


Zofia Marcinek won’t tolerate hate in Poland. She is one of 14 women who stood up to hundreds of protesters calling for things like a ‘White Poland’ at a march in Warsaw in 2017.

They were attacked by some of the protesters, but afterwards it was the women who were fined, for ‘obstructing a lawful assembly’. Despite this injustice, Zofia won’t stay silent.

“I think that change begins with the realisation that something is wrong. Change is our responsibility. Different fights for civil rights, for human rights and for minority rights have been fought over the span of the last century and they have been won. You can have an impact on what is going on and what is happening. The ability to come in touch with other groups, with other societies and other citizens, all over the world, brings out a very strong sense of solidarity. I think it’s important for people to raise their voices about the issues that matter to them as the European elections are approaching because, without very vocal input from the citizens, we cannot hope for any actual change. And it is important to keep those who decide about our rights and our future in check by constantly reminding them that their duty is to follow what the citizens need and ask for.”


  1. Yay, vote for more left-wing garbage and watch your economy fall through the gutter…..and don't forget whitey, your guilty of everything.
    Sorry folks but all studies are agreed that the rise of the Right is now an unstoppable force 😁

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