Adel speaks out for trans rights in Hungary


Trans activist Adel Onodi received death threats but refused to be silenced, using theatre, activism – even the cover of Elle magazine – to stand up for people’s rights.

“It’s very difficult and slow to get change to happen, but it’s in the air. You can feel it, it’s started.” Transgender people in Europe face disproportionate levels of bullying, violence and discrimination, and are still fighting for legal gender recognition – the right to say in law which gender they want to be identified as.

Right across Europe there are people like Adel fighting for their rights to be treated with dignity and respect.

With EU elections around the corner in May, this is the time to make some noise and make yourself heard. Help Adel #TurnItUp by sharing this video and raise your voice for the changes you want to see.

See what other young people are doing to create change:


  1. Theres only 2 genders. Male and female. If God created you as a male than act like a man. One day youll really regret what youre doing now. This is not a progress this is perversion. Doctors now telling you its allright? 70 years ago they would lock you in mental hospital. They may change their mind again. Dont follow this world. World is wicked. Repent and turn from this way. Think about your future. Think about your afterlife. Youll not get into Heaven like this. And I dont want this to happen to you.

  2. in my opinion, there are 2 biological genders.
    If your mind does not accept your biological gender, then you are affected by a mental illness.

    What do you think ?

  3. Thank you for speaking out for your rights, and I'm sorry that even here in these YouTube comments of a charity's channel there are people there are people speaking out against them! Much love from the UK x

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