Ever wanted a dream holiday in Israel?


Illegal Israeli settlements are on stolen Palestinian land. They are not tourist destinations and no one should be making a profit from them.


  1. I did a quick search for "Hamas" on this channel's videos, no condemnation of the actions of Hamas against Israelis nor against the Palestinians themselves, how do you wish to claim any form of objectivity then?
    Why doesn't Mr. Palestinian here also talk about the bombings of cafes and malls and busses by Palestinians in Israel? Of stabbing attacks, of running cars into crowds of people? And then you wonder why access is denied? Why there are endless checkpoints?
    Hell I get my bag checked every day that I'm out and about in Israel as an Israeli, there are security guards everywhere.
    A necessity brought about by the terrorist actions of the Palestinians.

    Though for me to be fair I will say I do not agree with the expansion of the settlements in the West Bank, and I do realise that the Palestinians are paying a heavy burden for the security of Israelis. But if Palestinians refused to engage anymore in armed conflict, it would be the morally right thing to do. And then come to the negotiating table.

    What happened though when Israel pulled out of Gaza? Did peace come any closer by giving in to the demands of the Palestinians?
    No! Gaza became a piece of land with the sole purpose of launching rockets and mortars at Israeli cities, digging tunnels with the intention to enter Israeli villages and killing civilians, or kidnapping Israeli soldiers.

    Armed conflict by the Palestinians brings nothing but misery upon the Palestinians themselves, and is a cynical use of the civilian population for the sake of propaganda. We saw where Hamas launched attacks from, and stored weapons at, and set up booby traps. In schools, hospitals, civilian buildings. We know that Hamas organised the protests on the border in such a way as to provoke an armed response by Israel and force the IDF into shooting at those trying to sabotage the fence and cross over, or lay down IEDs.
    Hamas knows how to sacrifice the Palestinian lives to the TV cameras in order to produce outrage in the West at the actions of Israel. (as if Israelis are to allow incessant rocket and mortar attacks, or the breach of the border fence from Gaza and the influx of people who have a stated desire to exterminate all Israelis.)

    But organisations such as Amnesty International seem to ignore reality, as if they are doing any favours to the Palestinians by showing Hamas that any civilian sacrifice they make, any time they deliberately put civilians in harms way, will be rewarded by Western organisations. Their propaganda manufacturing machine works, they throw in their own babies and women and elderly, some tears and cries on top, and out comes condemnation of Israel.

    If Amnesty International condemned such actions as driving hordes of civilians to the border to then be in harms way, and the storing of munitions in civilian buildings, and the launching of rockets from such areas, then Hamas would no longer see a propaganda benefit from it, and Palestinian civilians would be much safer from abuse at the hands of those fanatical maniacs.

  2. amnesty international are liars and hypocrites, lets look at quotes from the amnesty website:
    "We are independent of any political ideology, economic interest or religion." yea right, that's why you are cynical idiots right?
    "We investigate and expose the facts, whenever and wherever abuses happen. " HAHAHAHAHHA like how you don't talk about Palestinian apartheid right or how gay palestiniens are either murdered or tortured?

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