Killed for defending the people of Rio


Marielle Franco stood up for black women, LGBTI people and young people in Rio de Janeiro. On 14 March 2018, she was shot and killed.

Marielle Franco was born and raised in a favela in Rio, Brazil. An elected councillor, she worked tirelessly to promote the rights of black women, LGBTI and young people.

Marielle inspired many people. She refused to stay silent about police killings and continued to speak out against injustice right up until hours before her brutal killing in March. A car pulled up beside hers, and Marielle was shot four times in the head.

People who defend human rights in Brazil are often attacked or threatened. The authorities do not respond adequately – and most of these crimes go completely unpunished. We cannot let this happen again.

The Brazilian authorities are failing to conclude an investigation into who killed her – but we will not let them drop this case. If enough people speak out for Marielle, we can get the justice she deserves. Sign your name to demand an answer – together, we will bring her killers to justice.


  1. With bolsonaro and his electors Who Said Right After the death of this Brilliant Left wing politician Who defended the poor, the humiliated by the War against criminals It's a shame… These people Right After being informed of Her Death Said She was defending drug dealers Aso… So She deserverved to Die. I Saw Many Commentaries like that on Brasilian edited videos. Let me Tell tout Something people… The present situation in Brasil and All over the World isn't for and by the people Who suffer… Mainstream medias and politician like jaïr Just want to Breed people to hate each others! It's a shame… If There is a revolution it is Far Right oriented. We are Living rough and Bad Times for people Who Care about others human beings. Thank You very much Amnesty International for this clip.

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