Trapped in the Matrix


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The Gangs Matrix is a racially biased database criminalising a generation of young black men. Some have never even committed a serious offence before, but still find themselves stigmatised and targeted by the police.

Speak out against racial discrimination. Urge the Mayor of London to carry out an urgent review of the Met Police’s Gangs Matrix before more lives are ruined.


  1. Were there black girls also groomed in Telford and Rotherham?  Fact is that Labour/Tories governments didn't protect thousands of girls and women in the UK, Independent from their skin colour.

  2. Being black is not and should not be an "escape blame" card. The BME communities in our cities are "inherently and intrinsically" uncooperative with law enforcement when it tries to tackle their youth gang culture, drug, knife and gun crime.
    Sorry but "Institutionalised prejudice" cuts two ways and black people by refusing to cooperate or inform on their "own" repeatedly use victimhood and evil white racism as a scapegoat for their own failures while relying upon a belief that religion, fervent prayer and God will solve the problem as they continue to deny responsibility for their children.

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