No Consent = No Fairy-tale


Sex without consent is rape. So why do only nine European countries recognise this?

Approximately nine million women in the EU have been raped since the age of 15. The number is shocking. Equally alarming is the fact that few European countries treat this crime as seriously as they should – in law and in practice.


  1. Kys. More feminist bs. Women arent princesses. They are spoiled promiscious alcoholic slobs and sluts who whine all day long without contributing towards society. Instead of volunteering, they need to travel the whole world, emitting carbon emissions wherever they go. Nothing like the caretaking, loyal, loving, virtuous fair maiden virgins our society portrays them as.

    "The 'D' from the 'P'… wow, and so our society degenerates even further into the abyss! Why do I get this feeling a woman made this video? I thought AI was run by moral people to look up to.

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