Colin Kaepernick Amnesty International’s Ambassador of Conscience 2018


He confronted injustice. He inspired others. He took a knee, refusing to ignore or accept racial discrimination. Meet our new Ambassador of Conscience 2018, Colin Kaepernick.


  1. But you support Castro who destroyed millions of people's lives. Take a trip to Cuba and see how the people are living and then if by some means u can see, go check out how Castro's family's living u hypocritical SON OF A BITCH! FUCK U, FUCK DONALD TRUMP AND HIS SUPPORTERS, & FUCK THE NFL!

  2. Yeah, give him a prize for the fact that he kneeled during the national anthem instead of standing up just to protest against the President he doesn't like!
    Such a patriotic figure!
    Putting some personal hatred towards other person ahead of respect to his country – so humane! Wow

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