A Jamaican policeman killed my brother



Shackelia Jackson will not give up. When her brother was gunned down by police in 2014, she made sure that Jamaica’s independent investigators secured the crime scene. The police had been pursuing a “Rastafarianlooking” suspect in a robbery, and Nakiea fitted that description. They found him in his small restaurant and shot him dead. Police killings of mainly young and mostly poor men is all too common in Jamaica, with some 2,000 killed in the past decade.

Shackelia was determined not to let Nakiea’s story end there. She has battled a badly underfunded, sluggish court system to lead a bold fight for justice. In doing so, she has rallied dozens of families whose loved ones have been similarly killed, amplifying their cries for justice.

The police have responded by raiding her community, timing the raids to coincide with court dates. They have also intimidated Shackelia and her family. But Shackelia refuses to be silenced. She says their attempts only reinforce her belief in what’s right. “I fight because I have no other choice,” she says. “To stop would mean I am giving another police officer permission to kill another of my brothers.”


  1. What that white lady is saying Jamaica it is nowhere dangerous as the united States, England, also Canada and Mexico, that lady is not talking the truth.Orange Villa is not down Town it is the top of Orange Street, besides York Park fire Station I useto live over there before they burntout those buildings about 1976.My brother first child was born 1973 at Victoria Jubilee, and living by Orange Villa those days was some board houses closed to Tropical Theater.I remembered when those buildings was burntout,I was walking down Orange Street going down Town reaching Mazuka when I heard the fire brigade units.Then I turned around and I saw the fire, so I know that place very well.The last time I went over there in 1988, because I saw a guy who I knew from 1971 which useto living there with his parents.So he was able to get back one of the apt after they built up those new buildings,but I passed there from time to time.But I want to hear a better report about the shooting, for she to just say that the police killed her brother like that.Am not going to buy that at all , because she is not going to talk the truth about her brother.Based on​what she is saying you can see that she, and her brother was not living on good terms.Because she said it is her very first time that she ever told brother,her she really loves him on his dying bed. I know that some of those police officers can do a lots of bullshit at times, some of them will killed you for no apparent reason. Some of them is just gun chigarpy , and they will killed you for nothing at all.It is nowhere different in the world especially in the united States, England, Canada also other countries around the world, I would love to get the full story.People is going to say a lot of things about the police,but I know that working​ in place like Kingston is very dangerous.

  2. This is such a bulshit video against the police. None of these people will ever stand up and demand something be done about the gangs and the criminals. Brave against the police but not so much against the real evil that plagues Jamaica

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