How to really make people feel welcome


Aimilia Kamvysi is a grandmother from Lesvos island in Greece. She and her friends became the embodiment of solidarity when a picture of them feeding the baby of Syrian refugees went viral in 2015. Her village has welcomed refugees arriving by boat for many years. She says that even when they had nothing else to give, they gave people love, and courage.

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  1. You are only a refugee when you enter the first safe country. They stopped being refugees when they left Turkey. They should have stayed in a country they had something in common with rather than leaving their women and children behind to become economic migrants

  2. Unfortunately, there is a lot of evil in the world. It is refreshing to see kindness and compassion for a change. A simple gesture of human kindness goes a long way.

  3. All the so called humanitarian NGOs in Greece and of course on top of them the United Nations Refugee Agency are ruthlessly playing with the lives of Refugees. I was misled in this country, looted, and now literally they want to kill me here in Greece half away reaching safety. I reached out to every Organization, local and international, including Amnesty International and its local office in Greece. Nobody is helping!

    I have camped in front of UNHCR's main office in Athens since 214-Days ago. 64-Days of hunger strike + 150-Days Regular protest. I asked both the Greek and European officials to either charge me for the illegal border crossing and let me go or if their intention is clearly to kill Refugees, then to set up the crematoriums and do the killing fast. But they are not responding to my appeals either. I called them countless occasions, they even have memorized my phone number, that's why now they won't even answer my phone call. After almost three years of suffering in this disgusting continent, now I realize that even thieves in the desert have more decency, dignity and honor than Europeans, especially the Greeks.

    What a fucking refuge I sought out, I just hope now I won't die here before I reach safety. The situation is indeed unbearable, it has affected my entire well-being, livelihood and whole all my life all together.

  4. Once I asked Amnesty International to assist me with my case, but they simply directed me to their local office in Athens. The local office in Athens didn't do anything at all. How is it now that the Organization feels it can speak for Greece or the Greek people!?

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