BRAVE – Tep Vanny


Brave is risking your freedom for your community

Tep Vanny is a symbol of peaceful activism in Cambodia and is currently in jail as a result of her brave determination to defend the rights of others.

She is a housing rights activist and for almost 10 years has been defending her community in central Phnom Penh where thousands of families have been forcibly evicted from their homes.

Along with her fellow activists, many of them women, she has been targeted by the authorities and harassed, beaten, arrested and imprisoned. The government are attempting to silence her voice and show activists like her what can happen if you stand up for your rights and the rights of others.

But despite the challenges she faces, Vanny has kept her determination and untiring struggle for justice.

Vanny has shown bravery in the face of adversity. Join her by adding your voice

Sign the petition and call on the Cambodian government to stop the crackdown on human rights defenders and release Tep Vanny immediately and unconditionally, and drop all charges against her.

We will collect your signatures and send them to the Prime Minister of Cambodia and demand the unconditional release of Tep Vanny.



  1. this is believing yourself, standing with your thoughts, getting back up when you are pushed down, this is what you should show in the media and make everyone in the world see these people defending their rights and speaking up for themselves

  2. (crimes against humanity)
    Where's SANTIAGO MALDONADO? This is a desperately call to Stop LESA HUMANITY Crimes in ARGENTINA.
    Ideological Persecution, Discrimination of Ethnic Minorities, Torture and ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE plan has been executed.
    The Government Do Nothing or MAY BE PARTICIPATING.

    Communication could be in interrupted soon.


  3. To: Amnesty International

    While I think helping these people are great, but it not okay for you to tell me all you need a signature when you met me on the street, and later call me and ask my credit card detail, when I said I need to do more research and need time, you insisted I something even just $5 before hanging up.

    This is obviously a SCAM and harassment!

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