Fruits of Their Labour


Human rights abuses in the Indonesian palm oil plantations.

For the past year, Amnesty International has been investigating one of the largest producers of palm oil in the world – Wilmar, based in Singapore – and the working practices on some of its Indonesian plantations and those of its suppliers which are amongst the biggest on earth.

“We knew there were concerns but the fact that these abuses are so prevalent in a sector that has come in such much scrutiny and there were so much fan fair with some of the largest companies promising consumers delivering sustainable palm oil that ensuring that no exploitations end up in the products that you and I use on an everyday basis I was actually shocked at that”


  1. Absolutely terrible. It seems that Palm Oil either adversely affects human beings or Orangutans (either way it is not on and should be stopped). Adequately remunerate these people. However, I was a member of AI for nearly twenty years and participated in many actions and fund raising events, then in 2014 I saw this report (hardly a ripple probably because of the date – January and people's minds are elsewhere).
    I had left Commonwealth Bank before this and immediately wrote to Amnesty Australia to find out if they were still using them (which I am almost certain they are) and what had they done about it? I received NO ANSWER.
    Come on Amnesty practice what you preach.

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