Executions in 2016: a deadly year




  1. I don't think countries should be regularly carrying out capital punishment but it's nice to have that card around. Imagine a world where we can't hang Nazis and Japanese Imperialists and ISIS members.

  2. It should be Noted as above that Amnesty International is opposed to its use, for any reason. So For EVEN clear Cut Killers. it just takes them away from the debate.

  3. I Have this saying if the 20th century and 21st century where the times when PC Human rights lawyers fighted Against the death penalty then the 22nd and 23rd century's the Next debate for human rights activists will be getting rid of [[Life imprisonment]] because they say its a violation of [[human rights]] as well.

  4. So Let Me get this right. it Cost more Money for 1 Rope 1 bullet=

    then a Life time of Free housing, free food, free healthcare, free education that good taxpayers waste for CLEAR CUT KILLERS.

  5. I think the death penalty should always be retained as an option. It needs serious reform, not abolition. We should retain it for people like Adolf Hitler, Froduald Karamira, and Mussolini.

  6. Amnesty International say that death penalty should be abolished because it doesn't deter crime ( their favorite line), but even jails don't deter crimes & are also cruel punishments, so if they follow their logic they should demand governments to also abolish jails, they don't make sense. I'm Italian living & working in Singapore, I admire it's death penalty law. Criminals are a menace & danger to us they deserve death by being killed.

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