#NoBan – Kamal’s story


Donald Trump’s Executive Order on immigration may have been revised, but it remains blatantly discriminatory.

Thinly disguised as a national security measure, Trump’s travel ban reinstates many of the most repellent elements of the original blocked by US courts.

The US president has effectively shut America’s door to anyone – including refugees – from Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. These six countries have two main things in common: they are predominantly Muslim, and many of their citizens are trying to seek asylum abroad to escape serious human rights violations like persecution, indiscriminate bombing, and torture.

Rather than curbing the excesses of the first travel ban, the revised version shows a xenophobic policy towards Muslims which is mutating, virus-like, into an ever more resilient strain. And like a virus, its effects cannot be easily contained.


  1. What government cares about its own people?! Amnesty international Donald Trump wants safety for Americans and the rest of the world don't care! When Muslims are a majority in a country that's it, they start to impose shariah law.

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