President Trump – Show Her Respect


Amnesty International’s Secretary General, Salil Shetty, follows in the footsteps of the many millions of refugees and immigrants that have arrived in the United States of America in the past century, who have helped build the nation it is today.

He references tributes to a iconic statue that not only symbolises a nation, but has come to represent unifying global values of freedom, compassion and respect.

Amnesty International brings us together as a global movement to say to President Trump and all leaders of the world – I welcome refugees.


  1. Like Akhmed Chatayev who Amnesty campaigned for. Who's European tour, eventual Austrian 'asylum', escaping from Russian justice was enabled by Amnesty. A man who went on to mastermind Istanbul terrorist attacks. Or all the Gitmo detainees that Amnesty and CAGE campaign for, who returned to terrorism like the recent British recipient of £1m from tax payer. What about the human rights of American citizens, European natives, to their own countries, self determination. Like Palestinians watching their land colonised by Zionism, Europeans are expected to give up their rights? What about our rights not to be killed by terrorists? Amnesty has lost all credibility. It has joined in this 'Responsibility to Protect' racket that saw Libya destroyed. 'Humanitarian interventions' that cause humanitarian disasters. They are part of the refugee industry. Huge corporate N.G.O's looking for work to do. Amnesty should go back to real 'prisoners of conscious', stay out of national politics

  2. Once there was a kind of passport called Nansen passport which could enable refugee to safely travel and arrive in a country of asylum without being reliant on human trafficking networks. There are no such measures in place now.

  3. sir = case filed by my late father in 1992 = many cases = no relief = orders dated 27 nov 1992 & 13 april 1993 disobeyed = massive perjury & contempt by delhi municipal corporation – exhausted all remedies in india – pray refer my case to international court – india

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