Saydnaya Prison: Human Slaughterhouse


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This harrowing story is based on the real life accounts of former prison guards, officials and detainees held at the notorious Saydnaya Military Prison. Amnesty International has discovered that between 2011 and 2015, every week and often twice a week, groups of up to 50 people were taken out of their prison cells and hanged to death in Saydnaya prison 30 km north of Damascus, Syria. In five years, as many as 13,000 people, most of them civilians believed to be opposed to the government, were hanged in secret at Saydnaya. Prisoners were not aware of the sentence or the fact that they were going to be imminently executed until moments before they were hanged.

With thanks to:
Lawrence Abu Hamdan for prison sound design

ioo collective for
Direction, Design: Cesare Davolio & Simon Buijs
Animation: Robert-Jonathan Koeyers, Jamie de Jonge
Compositing: Jeroen Bijl
Sound: Francis Locadia


  1. Das war doch ne Folge von den Simpons, was ich da eben sah… oh Gott rette die Menschen in Spielfeld! Ich danke dem Macher für dieses Bewusstseins schaffende Meisterwerk, dem werten Herrn Münchenhausen, recht herzlich. Habe mir vor lachen in die Hose gemacht und zwar groß und klein. danke vielmals, danke vor allem dafür. Danke!

  2. Amnesty International is a joke! Where where your cartoonish videos when the barbarians invaded Syria? Where was your support for the common man and woman when those barbarians beheaded many? When they took and destroyed homes of millions?

    Where is your video do condemn USA and EU? Even my own country gave weapons to Daesh, Al Nusra and similar scumbags.

    Now that 'your side' has lost the war, the propaganda continues. Just like there was propaganda when Iraq needed to be 'liberated'. AI is nothing more then a political tool. But in the hands of cold blooded murderous.

    This world has gone down the rabbit hole… I'm a afraid we won't crawl back any more. There are no free media left. Even youtube/twitter/facebook are censoring content at an astonoshing rate.

  3. This is pure propaganda with ZERO evidence to support it.

    Why? Because certain NGOs are in bed with the USG and support their agenda of 'regime change' in Syria by backing terrorists (literal Al-Qaeda terrorists) re-branded as "rebels" to overthrow the legitimate (though far from perfect, arguably no better or worse than our Saudi allies) government of Syria.

  4. The Rights groups (AI,HRW,FortifyRights..etc) are not credible any more.
    “When do you see they solving problems? They don't. They cause problems.”They are spreading false statement based on Bengali Rohingya's fake news.
    They just highlighted the parts which they want to share to the world instead of expression the whole stories.
    They are turning a blind eye on the whole stories in the Rakhine state.

  5. This is so embarassing, for Amnesty International. Is there any point that distinguish you from the most hawkish US officials, nowadays?

  6. Follow the money and you will discover who (amongst others) is funding Amnesty International: Rothschild & Co! We don't buy this bullshit! It's nothing but western war propaganda, to justify a strike on the souvereign country: Syria! ! ! 😠👎👎👎

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