Europe’s Out of Control


Sign this petition to urge Hungary to release Ahmed and stop abusing terrorism laws.

Ahmed H has been labelled a terrorist and jailed for 10 years after using a megaphone to call for calm during clashes at the Hungarian border.

In August 2015, Ahmed left his family home in Cyprus to go and help his elderly parents and six other family members flee Syria and find safety in Europe. One month later, they found themselves among hundreds of refugees stranded at the Hungarian border after police fenced off the crossing with Serbia.

Clashes broke out as people attempted to get through. Hungary’s police force responded with tear gas and water cannon, injuring dozens. Some people threw stones, including Ahmed.

News footage clearly shows Ahmed using a megaphone to call on both the refugees and the police to remain calm. For this, he has been convicted of an “act of terror” under Hungary’s extremely vague anti-terrorism laws and jailed for 10 years.

Do these sound like the actions of a terrorist to you?

Ahmed’s lawyer is appealing but the prosecution has also appealed the verdict, which it considers too “lenient”.

Ahmed remains in prison, separated from his wife and young daughters, waiting for an appeal hearing in the hope of being able to return to them in Cyprus.


  1. I hope this highlights the rising idiocy of Europe. Refugees have been in my city for 1 year now no increase in crime or terror except for the fascists who raped a woman and attack pedestrians on the street. Refugees aren't the problem Fascists are. Free Ahmed.

  2. amnesty is a liberal cultural Marxist propaganda machine

    Ahmed is a criminal and a terrorist who believes in killing non Muslims

    Islam is out of control

  3. Quit using the pity of Europeans as a weapon. There´s tons of Arab countries without wars. Migrate there if you have turned your own countries into unlivable hell holes and think you have to leave them.

  4. As far as i know the guy had seven passports on him.

    By the way, i saw the live coverage of the attack, it didn't strike me as a peacful act driven by desperation. It was more like a siege.

  5. sir – case filed by my late father in 1992 – many cases = no relief = order dated 27 nov 1992 willfully disobeyed =demolition order dated 13 april 1993 admittedly disobeyed = south delhi municipal corporation has filed about 15 false affidavits -sdmc has willfully disobeyed about 15 orders – lost hope of justice – pray give justice – india

  6. >wasting citizens' tax money on this idiot for 10 years by sending him to your jail instead of deporting him back to his shithole
    Yes, the west is insane.

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