Feeling Better?


Was 2016 really the worst year ever?

Well thanks to you, we’ve found a few things to make us all feel better about this year.


  1. Amnesty International, can you find out what happened to Julian Assange? Is he alive? Can you free him from the evil elite who have tried to silence him if they didn't kill him? I thank you for your movement and all that you do. May God help you to persevere and to not bow down to those who oppose you. Jesus Christ said, "The truth shall set you free." Without the truth, without Jesus Christ as one's Lord and Savior helping us to fight against evil, we will not bear lasting fruit. May you be blessed by knowing Him and His power to open doors that no man can shut and to crush the enemy promised by Paul in Romans 16.

  2. Wow that did make me feel better, though I gasped when seeing the man who spent 43 years in solitary confinement. God bless him. We can do this, even with Hate in office.

  3. sir – case filed by my late father in 1992 = many cases = no relief =orders dated 27 nov 1992 & 13 april 1993 disobeyed =massive perjury & contempt by south delhi municipal corporation = exhausted all remedies in india – pray give justice – india

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