Deadly repression of pro-Biafra activists


Supporters of Biafran independence have been shot dead by the Nigerian security forces during raids while they slept, at prayer meetings and remembrance celebrations, and while trying to flee from peaceful marches.
Since August 2015, the security forces have killed at least 150 members and supporters of the pro-Biafran organization IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) and injured hundreds during non-violent meetings, marches and other gatherings.
Video footage and eyewitness testimony consistently show that the military, which has been deployed instead of police to control pro-Biafran events, has dispersed peaceful gatherings by firing live ammunition with little or no warning.


  1. I don't see any dead bodies— and this is not to say the Nigerian Army doesn't carry out any atrocities but this documentary is very one sided. Nigeria is a country that I have been posted to for much of the last 30+ years and I am very familiar with its history. As such, it is very suspicious that this video only speaks about how the Biafrans seceded in '67, but fails to dedicate even two minutes into the events that led up to that point: The Biafran Ibos killing all the top Political, Military and Religious leaders of other tribes while sparing their own brothers all in the guise of cleansing Nigeria of corruption.

    What you are witnessing is the aftermath of a war gone wrong; the loser gets to eat humble pie for at least a few generations— ask the Germans after 1914-18.

    What anyone familiar with the Nigerian political space should be asking these agitators is: WHAT ARE YOUR LOCAL AND STATE REPRESENTATIVES DOING TO ALLEVIATE YOUR SUFFERINGS? They have Governors and local reps. why haven't you taken them to task same way you attack anyone that is Muslim and/or from the North or West?

  2. But when AI done a documentary about the army towards the north in 2014 you guys called it rubbish and now you want me to turn to AI in condemning the army……really?

  3. They did exactly what the President (buhari) asked them to do. Even the police you said should be allowed to do they work are worst then the nigeria military… No security in Nigeria at all. Only killers everywhere

  4. biafran should speak wit their top political leaders in Nigeria democracy to actually to iron dis out bt in a situation where some among d biafrans is eating nd dining in Nigeria system,it wil b difficult for Biafra nation to be actualize

  5. It is quite bad that after 50 years, Nigeria Hausa led Islamic government have not learnt their lessons. They keep killing Biafrans without any justice.
    Tyrant Prrsident Buhari opened his gigantic mouth to call IPOB Militants. They ar always fund of killing peacefull protesters.
    That is exactly the same way they kill shiites members in hundreds.
    We demand JUSTICES from The world Power.

  6. Nigerian government is pure evil under a tyrant called Muhammadu Buhari. The Nigerian army is the most reckless and evil security forces in the world. They flee from Boko Haram only to massacre defenseless and unarmed youths. Cursed on this earth be anyone in Nigeria or anywhere else who justifies this massacre. Nigeria does not need to exist. it is pure evil. Let the people of Biafra have their sovereignty! Any Unity by force is evil unity!

  7. All those zoo people claiming that Nnamdi called for war as an excuse for Nigerian military's killing of unarmed Biafrans in churches and peaceful rallies are only agreeing with AI's report that Nigerian forces intentionally used unnecessary lethal force of warfare to kill and maim Biafran activists.

  8. @amnesty, We strongly believe that @Mbuhari kin-pin will always fight very hard to debunk this nice and great report that have raised panic in the hearts of the Nigerian Evil politicians that have been terminating Biafrans blood just to keep Nigeria one. This is inhumane, it's really crimes against humanity.

    This #TyrantBuhari lead government have wasted thousands of Biafrans since August 2015. They kill and took their dead bodies away, This people are vampires.

    They Kidnapped, tortured and unlawfully detained Nnamdi Kanu for exercising self determination which is under United Nations law for every Indigenous People to excersice.

    #FREEBIAFRA #FREENNAMDIKANU #SupportBiafra #BiafrExit #JusticeforNnamdiKanu

  9. It's clear that MBuhari intent is genocidal towards Biafrans. Amnesty International has done a great job in exposing the devilish acts of Nigerian government. Certainly they will answer for these crimes.

  10. Ever since the creation of Nigeria, the hausas, fulanis and the Nigerian military have been killing my people just because we asked for freedom. I want the world to know that we Biafrans have suffered and sacrificed enough for our freedom and we demand that total freedom now cos all the millions Biafran sons and daughters killed by Nigerian soldiers shall not die in vain. We call for referendum, we call for the restoration of Biafra. Freedom Is Life!

  11. Nigeria is not a country but hell fire where nothing is working and will never work, Any doubt from anyone should give a try to visit and you will see to confirm.


    A Yoruba/ Hausa friend ask me: under what conditions would you support One Nigeria and let go of the Biafra agitation and let it died down and finally laid to rest for good ?. Here was my response:1. Close down Lagos ports and Open up PH, Calabar, Onitsha and Warri ports.2. Cancel all direct and major connecting flights to Lagos and Abuja airports only local connecting flights will be allowed. While this is being done, open up Enugu, Owerri, Asaba, Uyo and PH to international flights direct and major connecting flights.3. Ask all international and diplomatic missions to move their embassies and consulates from Lagos, Kano and Abuja to Enugu, PH and Calabar.4. All federal governments’ agencies in Lagos and Abuja shall be relocated to Enugu, PH and Calabar. CBN, NNPC, e.t.c shall and must relocate to PH, Calabar and Enugu.5. All multinational companies in Lagos and Abuja, shall and must relocate their offices to PH, Calabar and Enugu.6.All oil companies must relocate their head offices to PH, as the oil capital of Nigeria .7. Let the northern children gain admission into federal schools with 300 score points while the South Eastern Children should gain admission with only 20 score points .8. Let all federal road projects in the North/SW should be handled by one local companies and the one in the SE/SS should be handled by Julius Berger and foreign construction companies.7.. If these conditions can be fulfilled and implemented for 50years , we can try one Nigeria and let see if you the North and SW will like it for a month. Meaning, Yorubas and Hausas needing to get visas shall travel to PH, Calabar or Enugu to do that. Same with flying or connecting flights, same with shipping and importing their goods, e.t.c.The Yoruba friend replied: you can’t be serious, this is wickedness. I said really? Don’t you think South Eastern part of Nigeria have been suffering and enduring this very same wickedness for over 50 yrs?He was quiet for a few seconds and said: wow, you are right but it never occurred to me. I said, that’s the problem with One Nigeria, those who are benefiting from it, love it and would love to maintain the status quo.Let each region develop at her own pace , with airport, sea ports , industries , major projects open to be develop in any part of Nigeria without government interference or strangulation due to tribalism and nepotism !.Let Nigeria be fair to all irrespective of tribe, religion and place of birth. Let there be true federalism and resources control, with the elimination of quota system and federalism character in Nigeria .Let have equal respect for one another irrespective of where the person is coming from in Nigeria.That is what Biafra agitation is all about. Biafra or we all die fighing.

  13. The killings of Biafrans have been going on since buhari was elected. The army have killed more than 5000 peaceful protesters and imprisoned countless number of harmless protesters.Those protesting didn't carry any guns or machetes but were brutally murdered extra judicially by the combined effort of army, police,civil defence with active participation of Federal Government. We are calling on international community to come to aid. My uncle and I cried when I saw the live killing of our people at Onitsha. I couldn't believed it.I thought I was dreaming or in trance. We have right to self- determination.

  14. #AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL thank you for reporting the extra-judiciary massacred of unarmed peaceful biafrans protesters by the dictator buhari's bokoharam soldiers to the world. The leader of indigenous people of biafra mazi nnamdi kanu must be free comes 1st of December 2016.

  15. #AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL thank you for reporting the extra-judiciary massacred of unarmed peaceful biafrans protesters by the dictator buhari's bokoharam soldiers to the world. The leader of indigenous people of biafra mazi nnamdi kanu must be free comes 1st of December 2016.

  16. The Nigerian government has been evil right from the day it was named Nigeria, so nothing surprises me any more. They just have to let Biafra been we have try for them we don't want to been in Nigeria any more. All hail Biafra.

  17. The killings of Biafrans have been going on since buhari was elected.
    The army have killed more than 6000 peaceful protesters and imprisoned
    countless number of harmless protesters.

  18. Since ever I was born as a Nigerian I have been suffering for being a Nigerian, a nation where you have no good drinking water, no good road, no electricity, no good health care, no good educational system and always on strike, no human right, no freedom of speech, no peace of mind, Why should I be called a Nigerian? In a country where some people are being taken as nothing and always being murdered on cold blood for just no reason. No good infrastructure and yet our leaders are being flown to foreign countries for medical treatment no matter how little they might ill, what a wicked leaders. I will never accept Nigeria as my country never again is either am being lowered under the ground or they give us Biafra.

  19. I love everyone on this planet earth including every tribe in Nigeria,but please it will be better we go our separate ways.However,the only individual I dislike from the bottom of my heart is Tinubu,I wonder if he thinks from his anus.This Yoruba man connived with Buhari to wrestle power from GEJ,fine there is no problem to that.Now the same Hausa/Fulani are scheming another move to hold onto power by bringing out Atiku,who is behaving as if he is against Buhari and this same Tinubu is falling for such cheap trick.This is simple,if Buhari can't win then let Atiku come in.Yorubas should watch Tinubu closely he is no leader but a follower.

  20. Biafra has already come to stay.Listen is not a matter of boasting.Had Clinton won that election then Biafra restoration could have been delayed,but since Chukwu Okike Abiama is still alive,HE thwarted the election in Trumps favour despite the American elites (illuminati) who are in support of their chief priestess Hillary Clinton.ALL HAIL BIAFRA !!!!!!

  21. We are Biafrans & nothing will stop us from gaining our freedom, The British killed our ansestor since, b4 their quest (colonisation) & handed over guns & bullets to HausaFulanis to kill and maime we Biafrans and told us to be one for over hundred years which expired 2013, under slavery with Barbarians thet doen`t value life & properties. Biafra is a Nation of it own, like wise Odudua & Arewa which supposed to be on it saperate ways, We Biafrans are tired of the Contraption called (nigeria) Zological Republic. We existed b4 British creation. We want to be left alone , we want to be free, is it a Crime? We want to be free from sensless killing & maiming, free from poverty, free from Mix Idiology, free from all types of Abueses, free from Recklesness, free from Corruption, free from Damnation e.t.c.
    The Arewas & Oduduas should go on their saperate ways and manage theirselves, Oil & water does not stay together QED.

  22. sir – case filed by my late father in 1992 = many cases – no relief – order dated 27 nov 1992 willfully disobeyed = demolition order dated 13 april 1993 admittedly disobeyed = massive perjury & contempt by south delhi municipal corporation = exhausted all remedies in india

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