Annie Alfred – Write for Rights


Demand that Malawi protect people with albinism from murder.

Annie Alfred is like any other child in Malawi. Her friends and family love her. Aged 10, she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. But she may never live to realize her ambitions because of people who believe her body has magic powers. These people think she’s unhuman. They call her names like “ghost” or “money”. They want to steal her hair or – worse – her bones.

Annie was born with albinism, an inherited condition that prevents her body from making enough colour, or melanin, to protect her skin from the sun. About 7,000–10,000 people in Malawi share Annie’s condition. And they are all at risk of being hunted and killed by people who think their body parts will make them rich.

Attacks on people with albinism have seen a sharp rise since November 2014. In 2015 alone, there were 45 reports of actual or attempted murder and abduction.

People like Annie have nowhere safe to go. It isn’t just criminals who will kidnap them, but family members, too. They think that people with albinism are gold that can be snatched and sold. Annie and others like her need the full protection of the law.


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