Trapped In Greece


Alan Mohammad and his sister Gyan are disabled Kurdish refugees in Syria who fled with their mother, brother and sister to Iraq in 2014 and then via Turkey to Greece. They travelled via horseback, in the back of a van and in a dinghy.

They are now trapped in Ritsona camp, 1 hour north of Athens in Greece, whilst their father and another sister are in Germany. Both Alan and Gyan suffer from muscular dystrophy, are in wheelchairs and unable to do the most basic tasks which makes living in the camp very difficult for them. They would like to join their father and other sister in Germany.


  1. AI, this is a tremendously important message to share regarding people with disabilities. Howver, please stop using terms like "wheel-chair bound" and "suffer from…" This may seem like a very small point, but individuals with disabilities are not tied/bound to their chairs, they simply use them for mobility. Likewise not all people "suffer" due to their disabilties or chronic health conditions, but thrive. Thank you for sharing the story of these refugees, so important!

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