Inside Saydnaya: Syria’s Torture Prison


Amnesty International has teamed up with Forensic Architecture, a research agency based at Goldsmiths, University of London, to recreate the horrors of Saydnaya, a Syrian torture prison near Damascus, through an interactive 3D model.

This video demonstrates the model of the prison, and features interviews and testimonies from researchers at Forensic Architecture, from Philip Luther, Middle East and North Africa Programme Director at Amnesty International, and with former prisoners at Saydnaya.

The 3D model of the prison can be found at the following link.-


  1. Yet another deception from the US State Department. The aggression of the United States and NATO to Iraq also began. The US prison in Guantanamo.

  2. We've devised a unique way of revealing what life is like inside the torture prison, and we've done by inventing people who were there., how fucking unique is that.

  3. What a load of bollocks. Pure regime-change bankster propaganda. Amnesty International is a tool of the globalists and directly responsible for the death of many thousands of innocents in Syria, Iraq and Libya. Your role in the destruction of these countries and the murder of their citizens will never, ever be forgotten. Disgusting verminous organisation staffed by war criminals.

  4. Witnesses do not inspire confidence. They talk about it like it happened to someone else. The man who survived such torture, such a trauma, can not talk about it like about a football game. As if a rape victim testified about her rape with a smile.

  5. Unfortunately Amnesty International has lost all my personal respect. This whole story FEEDS into the HATRED of the Syria Government and its all BASED on claims. IF they wanted to see inside this prison they could have ASKED the relevant authorities and it would most likely been granted. The fact is that Amnesty is now ACTING as a NATO and ZIONIST front and in this way has lost all credibility. I am aware that most of my friends see Amnesty as no longer an IMPARTIAL source of information and a platform to support ordinary people against the behaviour of unreasonable Governments. In the United Kingdom and the United States, Brazil and Mexico, China and the Philippines, Turkey and South Africa for instance, there are prisons that are jarring to say the least. However Amnesty has allowed itself to be used as a propaganda point to facilitate retributive action by the maligned interests of Western Europe and its cohorts. THIS is wrong and I will NEVER support Amnesty International again.

  6. You know that most of the prisoners there have links to terrorist organizations like Al Qaida (even the USA send AQ fighters to Saydnaya to interrogate them there). So these people may not be the best source if it's about the conditions in the prison. Many of the fighters that came out joined the Islamic State right after their release. And there was an investigation of the prison by the UN and they said that the conditions were normal for a prison. So who would you believe: Al Qaida terrorists or UN investigators?

  7. sir – my full life spent in courts in india – no relief – no relief expected in my life time – pray send human right inspectors to inspect courts in india – india

  8. It is necessary to try to save the lives of the people of this world.Tell the importance of life to the people of this world.All the people of the world are important & it is necessary to try to make our world "WAR FREE WORLD",PEACEFUL WORLD.Try to finish hate.FRom{Aisha Amir's Peace Tree.}

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