The Pulse Shootings


Amnesty International is grieved by this horrific tragedy. This is clearly an act motivated by hate against people because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Our thoughts and solidarity go to the LGBTI community in Orlando and their families. We should not forget the victims of the Pulse club shooting and we should not forget lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people who have been victims of hate crimes worldwide.

The Orlando shootings are a tragic reflection on the US’s lax gun laws. Inconsistent and poorly implemented federal and state legislation has meant that powerful firearms continue to fall into the hands of those at risk of misusing them. The US authorities have a clear responsibility under international human rights law to protect the right to life. This means they must implement far more robust and effective regulations controlling access to guns. These should include, at a minimum, universal, comprehensive background checks and tight restrictions on the acquisition, possession and use of firearms.


  1. The reason IS……The NRA have the US congress in their back pockets so If people protest that the goverment needs a better gun control But the NRA keeps saying that the President or the other anti-gun people wants to take EVERYONE guns away but people ONLY want to keep Miltary weapons and others AWAY from people that misused guns and tries to hurt people and Amnesty should Protesting In front of the main building of the NRA and show them that keeping unsafe guns to people that wants to hurt others Goes against the UN laws No matter if the NRA would blackmail or put up lying ads on the Internet saying that the US or other Anti-gun people want to take every in the US their guns which is a freaking lied

  2. It's futile to ask them to reduce access to guns.Amnesty needs to condemn the religion of Islam for it's homophobia & misogyny – why are fellow liberals so loathe to criticise Islam? (aside from the fact they'll try to kill you for any critique of their awful beliefs)

  3. "Lets use these dead people as an opportunity to promote gun centralization for the government! Lets also ignore the fact that an Islamic extremist, following Sharia Law to kill homosexuals, followed the teachings of his hateful intolerant religion." Good Idea. Your organization is a disgrace.

  4. Let's be totally clear about one point: the tragedy in Orlando was NOT a failure of gun control laws, anti-terrorism strategy, immigration standards or tolerance education. What happened was the failure of this country to adequately address the problem of mental illness. Over 50 people were killed by a man with no ability or resources to rationally deal with his rage and his emotional disturbance. Sadly, our country and our leaders seem perfectly content to ignore this problem until an incident such as this one, and even then, only scant attention is paid to the root of the problem. This will happen again and again until this country is finally willing to provide satisfactory avenues for those with mental illness to get help without a stigma attached. Meanwhile, there are families of over 50 people who will never have the luxury of ignoring the consequences of allowing our nation's mental illness victims to go untreated and forgotten.

  5. This is clearly an act of hate based on radical Islam. Vote Donald Trump! If you take away the guns the Jihadists will get home made bombs like at the Boston Marathon. ISIS is the problem here. A man in Nice drove his car through a crowd killing hundreds. You don't need guns to cause terror.

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