Teenagers brutally killed in Turkey


On the the 12th August 2015 two teenagers who worked in a small town’s bakery were shot and killed by the police in eastern Turkey.

The governor of the province is now considering whether or not to open a criminal investigation into the officers’ actions that night

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Muhammet Aydemir was with his friend Orhan who was also shot and killed late at night.

The boy’s families believe the two teenagers were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The teenagers worked in the towns bakery

Earlier that day a police station near by had been attacked by the PKK, an armed Kurdish organization which is engaged in clashes with security forces

Officers then went searching for the gunman.

Everybody amnesty international spoke too said the boys had no connection with the PKK and were totally innocent

and we have some evidence that supports them.

The attack on the police station took place at nine o’clock at night.

This CCTV footage from exactly the same time shows the two boys sitting outside the bakery with Muhammet’s brother

Then reacting to the gunfire from further up the road.

Two hours latter that same camera recorded the police arriving.

The boys were hiding in the wood store opposite.

The police claimed the boys pointed a gun at them

They produced a weapon, which was sent for forensic inspection.

According to the families lawyer the initial investigation into the killings revealed the gun found at the scene showed no fingerprints from the teenagers

The prosecutor concluded that no evidence could link the boys to the attacks that evening.

The governor of the province is now considering weather or not to open a criminal investigation into the officer’s actions that night


  1. No matter where you live, the police are the same, they kill people without second thought because they are trained to believe they are the good guys and everyone else is a suspect. It happens everyday in the US. the cops always file false report and cover up for they violent and aggressive behavior even against innocent people. RIP

  2. Demanind turkish authorities to do an impartial investigation inside kurdish cities and areas is impossible, as the very state of Turkey is built upon the genocide of everything not turkish.

  3. Communist Kurds are attacking Turkish state institutions and civilians with heavy weapons. But when they get killed they cry foul.

    This is a war which Kurds want. They should stop bitching when Turks curb stomp their communist asses.

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