Fair Play Qatar


In 2015 Mustafa Qadri travelled to Qatar to investigate working conditions in migrant camps. Fearful of what might happen to him as a result of his investigation, Mustafa took great care when interviewing Ramesh, a Nepalese worker living in desperate conditions whose passport had been taken from him. However, his investigation was still almost discovered. Interrogated by police, Mustafa was able to smuggle his report out of the camp and take it to the National Human Rights Committee, leading to the release of Ramesh and 34 other workers.


  1. A recent update said that journalists from the BBC and Germany were arrested and FIFA apparently did nothing. Way to go Qatar and FIFA; if you're holding the most important event in world soccer, the two countries you really want to piss off are England and Germany.

  2. shame on you to come over to my own country and report such a thing that happened in one single place and even documented on video!! while in your own country people are pegging for food and homeless wow , just so you know the place where the company provided them is fine they did damage it so who should take the blame? if their own shared room is a mess i got to blame the entire country and forgein countries that which are you people!! look straight to the facts young man =)
    you couldn't found a flaw so you decided to pick worst place and ask these people to pretend they are tortured didn't you?
    been years and get over that we won world cup, please grow and be man ok

  3. worker should clean their own kitchen and toilet bathroom and take all the rubbish all the way out to the rubbish bin. Not just throw it out the door that is So baaad of thim

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