Africa Not 4 Sale


Eddie Ndopu is a campaigner in Amnesty International’s Johannesburg office, campaigning for a new type of social justice that serves the real challenges and hopes of young people in Africa. Eddie’s hope is to move beyond the old narrative of Africa Rising, and involve influential young activists, in building, and campaigning on, their own stories. In this film Eddie tells the story of his journey to the World Economic Forum to launch his campaign: Africa Not 4 Sale.


  1. افريقا ليست للبيه ولا لتقسم كفايه فقر وجوع وتخلف فى القاره السمراء الحروب الداخليه لتقسيم البلاد بديه بيع القارهوالنهايه احتلال كل البلاد

  2. The tendency by African lgovernments to enact policies motivated more by corrupt personal aggrandizement rather than the good of the populace amounts to infringement on the rights and dignity of the people especially the young people whose future they put in jeopardy.

  3. Even before the coming of Jesus christ of Nazareth there has been cases of violation of the fundamental human right all over the globe . Let us be encouraged to fight for our rights

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