Death Penalty Facts and Statistics 2015


2015 saw a dramatic rise in the number of people executed – at least 1,634 – the highest recorded by Amnesty International since 1989.…


  1. Can anyone else verify these figure because most of what Amnesty International comes up with is utter bollocks . Amazing you can be against the death penalty no matter how many victims a scum bag has left in his wake but you champion abortion.

  2. Thank you Amnesty – 2015 was a killer of a year!
    It is noteworthy that USA is right up there in top 5 executioners for 2015 & is keeping company with brutal regimes China, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia

    While it may be wonderful that 150 innocent were exonerated in USA it still remains shocking that USA executed people before innocence was proven. Richard Glossip came within minutes of being one of them as well.
    Texas is mainly responsible for USA being in Top 5 when it executed 13 people followed by Missouri with 6, Georgia 5, Florida 2, Oklahoma & Virginia 1 each.
    It's high-time USA took the lead & abolished the the death penalty! It was terrific to learn 4 countries abolished the death penalty – they will be better off without it!
    BUT sadly 6 others resumed killing including Pakistan with it's killing spree of 300+ people hanged and while Indonesia shot 14 by firing squad in 2 mass executions all for drug offenses a violation of International Law!
    Indeed 2015 was a killer of a year & shockingly 2016 doesn't look it will be any better either!

  3. I bet the crime rate is higher in countries without death penalty and criminals are not afraid to kill because they know they won't die, unless someone else kills them in revenge.

  4. There's a big change from this video to the previous ones. For one, the comments aren't filled with gung-ho whiteboys getting their dicks wet thinking about watching people die. It's a nice kind of quiet.

  5. Anti death penalty advocates amnesty international say that death penalty should be abolished because it doesn't reduce crime, but even jails don't reduce crimes & are not deterrents to murders, so they should also demand governments to abolish jails, they don't make sense. I admire countries that have death penalty, I also wish there was death penalty in my country Italy. Criminals are a menace & danger to us they deserve death by being killed

  6. Those numbers don`t prove anything. Those are the numbers used by Amnesty International to come to their conclusion?? Vey poor, don`t you think? It`s not enought to say if capital punishment is effective or not. Isn`t institutions like them who should have MORE and DEEPER information, before telling the whole world what to do?

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