“We had nowhere else to go”: Forced displacement and demolitions in northern Syria


Film produced by Amnesty International showing the researchers’ investigation of the abuses committed by the Autonomous Administration, led by the Democratic Union Party (PYD), a Syrian Kurdish political party . These abuses include forced displacement, demolition of homes, and the seizure and destruction of property. In some cases, entire villages have been demolished, apparently in retaliation for the perceived support of their Arab or Turkmen residents for the group that calls itself the Islamic State (IS) or other non-state armed groups.

Amnesty International’s Researchers conducted research in the areas under the control of the Autonomous Administration in northern Syria interviewing local residents who had directly experienced abuses perpetrated by the Autonomous Administration’s security forces or witnessed them. Researchers also interviewed refugees from the area administered by the Autonomous Administration when visiting southern Turkey in August 2015.


  1. Fuck these ISIS supporting terrorist villagers. They are by no means innocent. Lets not forget these fucking arabs occupied and arabized OUR land in the first place. If you know anything about the arabization of kurdistan in Iraq/Syria that Hafez al Assad and Saddam did, you'll understand. I see absolutely nothing wrong with kicking out filthy terrorists and taking back whats rightfully ours.

  2. and here I was thinking at least the YPG was the only real moderate group in Syria. Turns out no group on any side seems to be worth backing. Let's be real tho it is a war, bad shit happens and I'd take a couple of destroyed homes over that enire region falling into the hands of ISIS.

  3. amnesty international.. the biggest liar.. like in golfwar.. the biggest progapanda for the arabs.. hahahaa ypg destroy the village? come on hahahaahaha fuck you liar

  4. Fake war between zionist ISIS & zionist kurds
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    zionist kurds can be exterminatedby the JEW NATO turks, nobody should care for those traitors land grabbers racist

  5. Aren't you ashamed of making such propaganda and lies ? you're supposed to be a non government organization and you're spreading propaganda for isis and turkey yes for isis this what isis and turkey wants why don't make report of what isis turks and arabs did to the kurds?, your whole organization are bunch of lying money whore propaganda machine scum, you should stop sucking that dick who pays for your propaganda.

  6. It's a war, ffs, and shit happens in war. If those villages were supporters or sympathetic to ISIS then the YPG had every right to kick them out rather than allow them to stay behind as a 5th. column to undermine their war-effort against ISIS. Who are the real scumbags here? ISIS. Having said that, no army is perfect, and confusion reigns in war and decisions are made which are not always level-headed. But the last I heard, the YPG were not raping or selling women off to slavery, sawing people's heads off, burning people in cages or throwing anyone off buildings because of their sexuality. The real question is this, is this YPG policy or is it just that things happen in war which spin out of control because emotions tend to get the better of people? I'd like to see Amnesty International put in that situation and see whether they would come up smelling of roses..

  7. Un crime est un crime et si les crimes des YPG, que je soutiens comme la cause kurde en général, sont fort inférieurs à l'Etat prétendu Islamique et très inférieurs à ceux des troupes bacharites, cela restera toujours un crime. L'angélisme n'est pas de mise dans une guerre civile et moins encore dans un état en décomposition avancée. C'est le rôle d'Amnesty de tous les rapporter.

  8. Fuck the Kurds. The moment the US stops wiping their asses with airstrikes, the moment the IS will roll over their sorry asses. And if that won't be enough, Turkey will make sure a independent Kurdistan will never happen. Enjoy your little victory and keep them female genital mutilation up (The Kurds really love doing it!) until reality slaps those murtads back into the stone age, where they belong.

  9. In 1979 UN labelled PKK as terrorist group.
    Nothing changed since then, they are still terrorists, during all these years they kept on putting bombs on civilians, and killing masses to reach their political goal of an independent kurd country ( that NEVER existed in first place).
    In 1982 UNICEF sued the group at the international court , for the slaughter of dozens of kids in a school….you seem to forget this ALSO…i don't know why tho ?
    The only thing that changed was that the Americans, in their desperation to have Assad ousted ( and subsequently having Russia losing their only naval base they have in Mid east ), turned to help PKK, sadly. That was a MISTAKE, that the White House is trying now to repair with claims such as "our aid to the pkk was only humanitarian, no weaponry of any sort" but there are plenty of evidence of Americans supporting this group with weapons and lethal ammunition.
    Why America is not recognizing this no more ?
    PKK and YPG were always terrorist organizations.

  10. By the way nobody in that area calls ISIS "Dawla islamya" but "Daesh". If somebody is calling them "dawla islamya" (islamic state) that means they are supporting them and recognizing them. So those people could be even isis.

  11. Alright everyone listen. Open google and image search KURDISTAN. Now you will see the dreamed Great Kurdistan maps. Examine those. Most of them will not include places like Til Abyad and Ras al Ain. The stuation is even more obvious if you restrict the search before 2011. So kurdistan dreamers were not dreaming about those places. You know why? Because those are fucking Arab and Turk settlements. And you still think this documentary is lie? Now PYD is controlling them. Now west think of giving these regions to PYD as a gift for figthing with ISIS. You will get more pissed Arabs by this. Later this pissed arabs will terorize other kurds in their settlements so you shall get pissed Kurds as well. Your gain from here is only more hate and more potantiel terror towards you

  12. A proof of Kurdish racist irredentism yet both USA and Russia are determinant to support facist PKK/PYD for their own interests. It's a good thing that at last a western orginization saw things in a more objective perspective. It's both unclever and immoral to support one terrorist organization (PKK) against another (ISIS). How many times will Western powers repeat this "mistake"? Support Syrian people (Arabian, Kurdish, Turkmen, Sunni, Nusayri etc.) not the armed fascist groups of ISIS, YPG or Esad or whatever…

  13. Where is your report on turkey's behavior against kurds in turkey right now? I'm talking about Cizre etc.. As far as I am concerned, no civilian has been killed in the YPG controlled areas, they have simply been misplaced? This has happened to Kurds in about a hundred years now, that plus a genocide on millions of kurds? But offcourse let's ignore the kurds.

  14. Congratulations Amnesty International, you are creating a propaganda video for Turkey. Twisting information, and displaying developments to meet Turkish state interests. Just out of curiosity, how much did they pay you?

  15. These are families with ties to ISIS or factions supported by Turkey who are determined to destroy Kurdish existence. YPG have told them they can return when the war is over. Clearly they need to ensure the war is over and that groups can not be used against the Kurds, inside of Kurdish control areas. Safety is their priority.

  16. Did they slaughter the people? No. Clearly they did not have bad intentions. Why doesn't Amnesty International expose Turkish state oppression of the kurdish people in Turkey?

  17. Exactly, the kurdish leaders have stated the reason very clearly. 25 families does not mean ethnic displacement. It means getting rid of extremist or families with ties to extremists. It's a war at the end of the day and precautions need to be taken.

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