Refugees at the Hungary/Serbia Border 16 Sept 2015


Amnesty met Abdullah, a refugee from Syria, in Roezke, a crossing on Hungary’s border with Serbia, 16 September 2015.


  1. I'm all for human rights, but many of these countries they're trying to get into have enough problems providing jobs and services for their own citizens. And the U.S. already has one immigration crisis. I'm not saying that we shouldn't help these refugees, but there are two sides to the issue.

  2. Truly appalling comments on here. People seeing black and white. If these were white children you'd be screaming for more action but because they are middle eastern you act like some sort of emperors and say where and when they should go, when in fact you are just a bunch of nobodies.

  3. i am a serbian so let me tell you something. if these refugees were arab orthodox christians we would be more sympathetic of their plight. but as they are muslims, we can not trust their intentions in the future.

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