The Bombing of Zergele


Turkish air strikes on August 1 in Zergele kill local residents.

Music by Niraj Chag


  1. Here terrorist organization PKK ( Do not believe them. They are baby killers ) are the drugs and drug money in the store . -verily All over the world , it has every right to Kurds in Turkey. And , in the country , even if they kill the Kurdish children. People around the world dealing with these baby killers and drug business , you do not believe everything in the theft … the terrorists where they are stealing, and the blood of these events are Kurds , there is no cure … something. Farsi and Iranian communities mixture…

  2. … Do not believe them or enter the PKK terrorist disguised as farmers during the day , night teröristlik do they kill their fellow villagers … zergel of drug money to the PKK and Kurdish are the regions where they hide the drugs. This clip is pulled for drugs and money are burned in the bombing , they have pointed to disinformation. All peoples of the world should know that because of the Kurds in Iraq, 10 million , 5 million people were killed in Syria at the moment. Because of the Kurds who betrayed the Middle East where they are blood scorer. Do not believe them. They live in their own homeland impasse . Then they tried to show themselves innocent.

  3. Well done Turkish Air Force, Good job! İ <3 Turkish F-16…
    FUCKİNG LİAR ZİONİST media keeps working on Anti Turkish Propaganda, even showing pkk terrorists as civilians…..Soon we will find you. İt will be your Black Day.

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