Black Friday


The 1st August 2014 saw the darkest day in the Gaza Conflict of 2014 – Black Friday. This is the story of what happened that day – which saw the highest number of Palestinian civilians lose their lives under a massive bombardment by the Israeli military – told in most extraordinary detail in a joint investigation by Amnesty International and the Forensic Architecture department of Goldsmiths, University of London. Using a 3D model of Rafah and hundreds of stills, video footage, testimonies this collaboration shows that there is strong evidence that the Israelis committed war crimes and possible crimes against humanity: something they have always denied. It is the story of the kidnapping of a soldier, a secret military order and the extraordinary price paid by Palestinian civilians for a single Israeli life.

The video references research released in the Amnesty International report of the same name.


  1. There is a deliberately false narrative at 3:08, claiming that IDF was using the ceasefire to search for tunnels.

    In reality, it was Hamas which had an objective to capture an Israeli, and it was Hamas militants who suddenly appeared from the tunnels, and then killed two and captured one IDF soldier, whom they dragged into the tunnels.

    The vertical plums of smoke from bomb explosions on the video clearly prove that Israel was hitting Hamas underground spaces, as the bomb makes a hole penetrating the surface and explodes below.

    Thus, it is Hamas which bears the responsibility for this incident, as well as for the entire Gaza campaign as the aggressor shooting missiles into Israel.

    So, cry me a river, Amnesty F*cking International!

  2. @ gxbmb  How you defend yourself when you're doing all the attacking? All Hamas actions are resistance to military occupation and siege, legitimate under international law, the Geneva Convention and UN Res. 3013.

  3. I have viewed the movie with the hope to see a fair and balanced report of the events. Regretfully the movie is a one side and is patently biased. One would expect that an Amnesty Report will provide the point of view of the two sides to the conflict. 

    Unfortunately, the report fails to truthfully report the cause for Gaza war, which was a massive attack of thousand of missiles by Hamas against Israeli citizens.

    The movie ignores the overwhelming evidence which shows the Palestinian terrorist fired thousand of rockets against Israeli citizens from hospitals, schools and mosques with the goal to kills as many Israeli citizens. 

    The movie fails to accurately report of the massive use of tunnels which originated from homes in Gaza with the terrorists goal to kidnap and kill as many Israeli citizens as possible.

    The movie fails to acknowledge that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, seeking for peace and that the Hamas repeatedly declares that its goal is the destruction of Israel.

  4. things like this happen when terrorists fire rockets over and over into Israel.  is Israel not supposed to fire back?  there would have been no need for a cease fire to begin with had they never fired the first rocket. AND THEN DURING A CEASEFIRE the terrorists kidnap a soldier?????  I feel bad for those in Gaza who suffer because of the terrorists they have as leaders.  If they want the death to stop then get rid of Hamas!

  5. Is this the same "Amnesty International" that edits out 13 minutes from a video to give the impression that the Israeli air force only gave 2 minute warning (Does any other air force give a warning?) to evacuate the building instead of 15 minutes? Amnesty-your credibility is zero.

  6. The touching family's story does a great job of emotionally manipulating the viewer. It really serves to mask the fact that the Hamas deliberately put local civilians in harm's way so that your NGO would have crisp photos for your relentless campaign to completely delegitimize Israel whilst ignoring any other human rights abuse on this planet.


  8. Any Western Nation on world would have reacted the same…Any Eastern Industrialized nation would of reacted 10xs harder without a fuck to give about civilian life while getting targets…..Ultimately, Hamas/PLO knows the response of kidnapping a Israeli soldier, Why do it? Why not give him up as soon as they saw the response Israeli was mounting? So in essence they feel it's worth kidnapping one Israel soldier and put thousands of Palestinians at risk just so they might be able to swap for a Hamas/PLO prisoner??? Way to put yours infront of the people who support you.

  9. indeed tought pictures to watch especially kids weman and elderly people
    just a tiny remark, where the hell are the 5000 missiles who rained down on isael?
    you "forgot" mentioning 5 million israelis kept in shelter for 50 days!!!!!
    you also "fogot" mentioning the kidnapping and execution of 3 israeli teenagers
    from 2005 israeli complete withdrawal from the gaza strip to the 1967 borders hammas fired around 15000 rockets
    you try to live with that

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