How Do They Do It? : Forensic Architecture



  1. Yes, the "human rights violations and war crimes" committed by Hamas are truly despicable!! Thank you, AI, for showing the world how Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad engaged in a war of genocide against not only the Jews but their own people as well. Thanks for documenting the numerous secondary explosions caused by weapons depots hidden in civilian infrastructure and, lastly, thanks for documenting the countless rockets that were purposefully and mercilessly fired at Israeli citizens from densely populated areas within the strip.

  2. Only the beast of the earth wages wars that way! This imposter state of Israel will go down in the Garbage Bin of history. Euro-barbarians who disguise themselves as Jews.

    The imposter state of Israel no longer has any use for a United Nations Organization that has already been successfully used to protect the Jewish State through infancy and childhood to her present superpower status.

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