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Together with Amnesty International, Forensic Architects of Goldsmiths, University of London have embarked on an extraordinary and ambitious scientific project – The Gaza Platform. Its the most comprehensive database ever build on what happened during the Gaza conflict 2014. The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has said that his country did everything possible to minimise civilian casualties. But it’s not true.



  1. that's the future of every place where Islamic jihad thrives.. it's sad. i just wonder why this tool wasn't created for Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Mali, Somalia, Yemen and other places where Muslims butcher each other in the millions. the bias is also sad. no mention of hamas, no mention of the lack of uniform for people who carry a weapon, no mention of shooting from within civilian areas, no mention of the constant Islamic indoctrination for hate.

  2. I honestly believe Israel in one way or another WILL be held accountable for the utter cruelty and destruction they have reined down on the Palestinians. Evil and Shame are rampant in that country.

  3. A quick Google search on Eyal Weizman shows him to be a crackpot darling of the anti-Israel Left.  This "tool" is not something "scientific", no matter how smooth the British narrator's accent may be.  The audio here is full of lies.  The vast majority of those killed in Gaza were Jihadi combatants.  They were most certainly NOT innocent civilians.  Does Amnesty also think that the 9/11 hijackers were "innocent civilians"?Furthermore, many Hamas missiles fired at Israel misfired and landed inside Gaza, killing Gazans, including children.  Hamas ALWAYS blames Israel when Palestinians kill Palestinians.  Nothing new here.  

    Amnesty, as is it's wont, ignores the War Crimes that the Hamas terrorist government of Gaza committed wholesale against Israel, which only responded to fire from Gaza.  But Amnesty goes out of its way to demonize Israel for defending itself while ignoring the barbaric tactics and actions of the Palestinian terrorists in Gaza.  This is mere propaganda posing as "science" and "human rights".  Pathetic.

  4. What a terrible stain on humanity, that we allowed the Israeli's to commit this mass atrocity. This is terrorism. These are clear war crimes. The operation – 'protective edge' and the one that proceeded it – 'bothers keeper', both based on lies & deceit.

  5. Violations? It's a violation to fire rockets from civilian areas. Why is Amnesty International not investigating Hamas? This video is total bull shit.

  6. I find that Amnesty International are useful idiots to islam and its violent jihadists who are funded and morally supported by moslems they erroneously label as 'civilians' because if they dared to open Islam's Koran, sunnah and sharia laws they would find that ALL moslems are to wage jihad – violent, deception (pen/word), and their wealth (zakat), and any way to advance islam – especially acting like they are the victims when in fact they are the perpetrators of violence.  The moslems have broken all peace treaties/cease fires (land for peace deal that was nothing but a sick joke on the Israelis and others who do the same around the world).  But if they looked up what Mohamed did – moslems do the same – lie and break treaties/cease fires.  It is called hudna.  Shame on them for being nothing but useful idiots to Islam's violence.  I guess for them it is ok for moslems to keep targeting innocent children, unarmed women and children in Israel! 

    I find Amnesty International, and others like the UN, and other politicians, too many medias, academia and even religious leaders worldwide nothing but useful idiots.  Look up what useful idiots did to help Hitler, Stalin and other thugs to come to power.

  7. This is the evidence of what islam and its psychotic muslims bring:  death, destruction, degradation and rubble, poverty and trauma.  More and more countries are looking like this because of muslims.  Death to islam.

  8. 2,250 people died.  That's an extremely small number for casualties when a war happens in a city.  I guess no one remembers the Dresden bombing?  Israel has every right to defend itself.

  9. It is apparent that this org has an agenda to smear Israel whilst ignoring real genocide in Sudan and Syria…most good people realize what happened there and why….sadly the Gazans are being used as human pawns by evil terrorist groups/nations as collateral damage to increase casualty rate in order to blame Jews …yet it was just uncovered that hamas actually slaughtered a majority of casualties in Gaza…Israel should have never abandonded this part of their country (Gaza is part of Israel) since Gazans were at least protected and safer several years ago when IDF and Jews were living there…the western countries bumbling efforts to create peace have led to this terrible catastrophe and they are responsible for turning Gaza into a terrorist base…Its time Israel ignores Europe and the rest of the world .Gaza has received free water and electric as well as medicine and food from Israel ….and spits in our face…Note there are four borders around Gaza…only one is with Israel…why does evil Egypt nor the Saudis or Jordon allow you to come there? They shoot you more than IDF…Jordon murdered 300000 Palestinians in 1970 because of this…why???

  10. The trashy bigotry posted here is truly ignorant. Israel laid waste to civilian areas even when there was no evidence of rocket fire. Israel also used disproportionate firepower when trying to "rescue" IDF. These are facts from the Israeli media, not some right-wing garbage from Fox or talk jocks. The IDF acts like gestapo or storm troopers.

  11. i no longer support Amnesty International, they are collaborating with Hamas terrorists pushing their false narratives.. How about investigating the aggression against Israel of hamas building tunnels to attack Israel and launching rockets all day every day!! .. Israel has a right to defend herself.. Amnesty , cut the bullshit and tell Hamas to stop firing rockets from civilian areas.. DUH!! then there won't be any civilian casualties..

  12. This is a regular hypocritical British movie, when British people in London, doing so much effort to look for some kind of a crime that was done by Israel, pretending to show the world that the Israeli government decided to kill innocent people on purpose( not sure why) while British soldiers killing children in Afghanistan (by mistake). Dear hypocrite, how would you handle situation which terrorist fire rockets on London? This "investigation" has one purpose only, to delegitimate israel existence the only country that protect Palestinian civilians in the region. London hypo, just go to hell.

  13. put all muslims back in muslims midle-east countries all of them,, and then put a huge fence around them…. let them fight each others … the rest of the world will be more at peace without them!!! imagine a world without muslims no terrorism wow!!!!

  14. * Hamas kidnaps and executes three Israeli teens – Palestinians celebrate, Hamas initially lies and then admits and praises the operation.  Israelis kidnap and burn to death a Palestinian teen. The culprits are arrested and tried and the act is condemned all across Israel.  Morally there is no comparison between the two sides.  
    * Hamas fires at civilians in cities (war crime)
    * Hamas fires rockets from civilian areas like hospitals (war crime)
    * Hamas caught multiple times storing rockets in UN schools and facilities (war crime)
    * 1/3 of the rockets land in Gaza causing untold death
    * Hamas uses Gazans as human shield (war crime)
    * Hamas executes Gazans in the streets without trial
    * At least 1/3 of the dead were militants, reported as innocent civilians by the likes of Amnesty International.

  15. (Note: See disclaimer at end!!!  Sarcasm follows….)

    Please support Jihad.  Send your money to Amnesty International today.  AI does such important work for the cause of Jihad and defends Jihadis from those horrible Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and others who simply want to be left alone and live in peace.  Jihadis generously offer the gifts of enslavement, bombings,  beheadings, rapes, torture, pillage, destruction and terrorism to Infidels worldwide.  They NEED Amnesty International to help them do their important work!  If you love Jihad, send your money to Amnesty International.  Do it today!

    (DISCLAIMER: Just in case you didn't get it, I don't actually support any of the above.  AI is a group of "useful idiots" who have long been Jew-bashing Israel-haters.  AI has had little to say about the VAST human suffering inflicted by Jihadis on real humans throughout the Middle East but criticizes Israel incessantly – and for defending itself from the Jihadis who have been attacking Israel from ALL directions for many, many years.  Talk about "disproportionate response"!  

    AI suffers from Liberal Enlightenment, which seems to be a spreading disease, which firstly affects one's ability to think rationally.  It's not very contagious, though.  People of moderate to average intelligence are generally immune to such hate-mongering ravings such as AI produces regularly.  In cases of suspected infection, a good dose of facts and logic usually clear up the problem very quickly.  AI and other Israel-haters are as afraid of actual facts as the Wicked Witch was of Dorothy's bucket of water.  "I'm melting!"  And they are both as wicked, evil and ugly,  but only Amnesty asks you to send them money.)

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