Ban Mass Surveillance


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Action: Tell governments to ban the use of mass surveillance.

Mass surveillance is out of control – it invades our privacy and threatens free speech


  1. Mass Surveillance only targets White Nationalists, Black Nationalists, Global Sovereigns, Anti-Immigration/Anti-Tax Supporters, Men's Rights Activists and Anarco-Capitalists.

  2. I hate the thought that Big Brother is watching me! This is wrong and not the the way to treat innocent citizens. If I were a criminal it would be different, I am not, so why would it be legitimate to treat me like one?

  3. Please help me! I need help exposing the Air Forces Spy program. The Air Force is sending out U28A spy planes from Hurlburt Field Air Force Base in FT Walton beach, FL. They are suppressing the view count on my YT videos. Please help me expose this. TY

  4. This is so annoying.  What a slap in the face to the security services who protect us. Unfortunately, it's not always obvious who is going to go out and blow up a street full of people. Why would you care if they have your information, how can it be compromising if you haven't done anything wrong?

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