Stars on their shoulders, blood on their hands… Nigerian military war crimes


The Nigerian military, including senior military commanders, must be investigated for participating in, sanctioning or failing to prevent the deaths of more than 8,000 people murdered, starved, suffocated, and
tortured to death, according to a comprehensive report by Amnesty International.
Based on years of research and analysis of evidence – including leaked military reports and correspondence, as well as interviews with more than 400 victims, eyewitnesses and senior members of the Nigerian security forces – the organization outlines a range of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity committed by the Nigerian military in the course of the fight against Boko Haram in the north-east of the country…


  1. Those detention centres sound more like concentration camps starving people, burying them in the garden and spraying over crowded cell's with a powerful chemical pesticide that's bound to cause respiratory problems. On the other hand their use of spotters sound like something out of the US play book in 2001 Afghanistan paying informants to pick out Taliban members who most of the time turned out to be innocent.

  2. As horrific as what the Nigerian Army is accused of the major concern of Nigerians at the moment is to defeat Boko Haram and every resources is channel to achieve just that.

    The President promised a full comprehensive investigation on Boko Haram,the fight against them, remote courses etc after it's defeated and Territories captured are recovered and Civilians are rescued.

  3. please investigate Abubakar Shekau too…for killing thousands of innocent Nigerians and kidnapping 200girls….dont be so quick to critize the Nigerian army who have put their lives in line to save  Nigerians… do you seperate these terrorist from normal people …really its difficult cos they are faceless……..or simply take the gun yourselves and show us how to fight a war against terrorism…..cos that is not a fair judgement….Nigeria is at the verge of winning this war …and the army needs nothing less than encouragement rather than this video (Propaganda)

  4. This show clearly that amnesty and book haram are birds of the same feathers.amnesty are working hand in hand with terrorist taking cover under good name.

  5. cheap propaganda .. Get a life Amnesty… Anything international always have US and its puppets influence. Don't believe anything from this pro boko haram amnesty..

  6. they r just wasting dia  time  and  effort  putting the documentary together.  Nigeria  is not  America   which means  nothing will be done to the  Generals….Nigeria is the greatest corrupt country in d world i guess


  8. Did Amnesty Int'l ever condemned BH activities in Nigeria when they kill tens of thousands of innocent people? NO! Did America's CIA not use extreme torture on Al Qeada suspects? The interrogations of CIA detainees were brutal and far worse this!  Has the CIA been charged with war crimes?….. Amnesty Int'l needs to take several seats and talk about war crimes in Nigeria only after the CIA has been charged with war crimes. Leave Nigeria alone to clean its own mess!!!

  9. God punish amnesty international and who ever try to support them,the same army Nigerian government was accusing of not fighting bokoharam members are now trying to investigate some army that killed and torured and starved this hoodlums that called themselves bokoharam,does bokoharam deserve food or any soft hand the answer is no.who ever brought this issue against Nigerian army is a member of bokoharam and must not go free

  10. Amnesty International listen,I don't understand what you guys are talking about.Boko Haram had killed and displaced thousands of innocent people and had brought an overwhelming and an untold hardship and devastation to the Northern region of Nigeria.Boko Haram strikes gorilla style and then disappear into the community and get mixed with good people.Since Boko Haram is not written on peoples forehead,the use of local informants becomes very necessary and extremely effective in fishing out members and sympathizers of Boko Haram.This is what the Nigerian ARMY has been doing.Most of all these people shown in this video are involved with Boko Haram one way or the other.Catch one he name others and so on.The Nigerian ARMY needs to annilihate and destroy Boko Haram once and for all with military cruelty,decisiveness and precision.Its unfortunate that in every war situation, a few innocent people may get caught up or roped in into a very bad situation that was not originally meant for them.White people calls this kind of innocent victims "COLLATERAL DAMAGE"…It happens all the time.PLEASE DON'T CONDEMN THE NIGERIAN ARMY,WE ARE IN A SERIOUS AND PRECARIOUS WAR SITUATION WITH THE BOKO HARAM TERRORISTS WHO HAD SWORN TO BRING NIGERIA DOWN TO ITS KNEE.WE WILL NEVER ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN!!!!      
    Thank you
    Citizen Collins

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