Boko Haram’s Female Fighters


At least 2,000 women and girls have been abducted by Boko Haram since the start of 2014 and many have been forced into sexual slavery and trained to fight, said Amnesty International on the first anniversary of the abduction of the Chibok school girls.
Based on nearly 200 witness accounts, including 28 with abducted women and girls who escaped captivity, a new 90-page report, ‘Our job is to shoot, slaughter and kill’: Boko Haram’s reign of terror, documents multiple war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Boko Haram, including the killing of at least 5,500 civilians, as it rampaged across north-east Nigeria during 2014 and early 2015.
The Amnesty International report sheds new light on the brutal methods used by the armed group in north-east Nigeria where men and boys are regularly conscripted or systematically executed and young women and girls are abducted, imprisoned and in some cases raped, forcibly married and made to participate in armed attacks, sometimes on their own towns and villages.

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  1. I appreciate the last message, "the guilty must be brought to justice". But who is guilty? Who is behind the birth of the BOKO HARAM? Who is playing with Africa? Who is the main guilty?

  2. If every single person in this planet would stand up and raise their voices against him he wouldn't be where he is. We need to do something to help this people ! We cannot let them under his terrorific control. I cannot stand this kind of things. My heart stops everytime i see this… And that's when I remember that we are lucky to not be leaving in a country where the word "Freedom" doesn't even exist. I think we have so much beauty and more than 10000 amazing reasons to live in this planet, so he won't do this for long. He has to be stopped! My deepest prayers go for every single person out there in pain and feeling trapped in a place where violence seems to be the only landscape, where they cannot find freedom or just be themselves and live peacefully. You are not alone. A lot of people in this planet are praying for you. Do not lose hope no matter what. Something better is yet to come. Believe it.

  3. This is so demonic. What is the prayer Holy Spirit? What is the strategic plan to subdue these terrorists? How can you God be glorified in these horrific acts? Raise up amnesty in the holy ghosts power to hear your strategic plan and execute it. Supernaturally protect them as they seek to pursue justice on behalf of the Nigerian women and girls.

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