Horror of civilian bloodshed in indiscriminate attacks in East Ukraine


An Amnesty International researcher on the ground in eastern Ukraine has gathered gruesome evidence of civilian deaths and casualties inflicted by both sides in the bloody conflict in the towns of Donestk and Debaltseve over the last few days.

The evidence was collected on the spot in the immediate aftermath of shelling and includes interviews with eyewitnesses and casualties in hospital.


  1. "and casualties inflicted by both sides" – you should be more precise and tell how many civilians have killed Ukrainian Army and how many civilians have been died from rebel attacks. do you have info that rebels kill its own civilian people? who injured the people in this video? i bet it's Ukrainian Army, who's still killing people in Donetsk (a 10-yrs boy died 2 days ago, multiple people injured), even when Minsk truce agreement in still intact. 

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