Arms Trade Treaty – Entry into Force Animation


Nathan Bayliss animated video that illustrates the global flow of arms around the world and Amnesty International’s work in promoting the treaty for 20 years.

This video animation is both a celebration of the Treaty ‘coming into force’ on the 24th of December 2014 and a call to governments around the world to accept and uphold the treaty and put pressure on the world’s biggest exporters and importers of arms and ammunition to join the treaty and endorse it too.

The sound design and music is by Jamie Perera

Nathan Bayliss
Jamie Perera


  1. Except black market gun dealers have been in existence since guns were invented. There is absolutely no way this 'treaty' can stop dictators or anyone else in power from getting weapons. Common criminals with just a few hundred bucks can easily gun a gun. What's to stop someone with millions and a small army? Nothing.

    I look forward to seeing whether they'll twist this law against law abiding citizens or if it will be forgotten and change nothing.

  2. Right…International law. Except for the fact that Russia and China did not sign it and they are 2 of the biggest players. This will do absolutely nothing but make some clueless people feel like they have done something…when they really have not.

    Also, another big player, the United States, did not ratify it so it has no teeth or meaning here either.

    Enjoy patting yourselves on the back, though.

  3. That the system of political Islam in the Middle East is the (international terrorism Base)
    Yes its inception illegally from several decades ago, and author of the imposition of curriculum and exported and financed it
    Curse in our peaceful piece of duty detection and hold them responsibilities terrorism and its consequences and compensation and freeze the assets of totalitarian regimes and grab priming international terrorism from his lords, this is the dream of every one of mankind (the Islamic devil his charm fucking) **

  4. Is this another of those nefarious movements that aim to disarm the innocent and arm the perpetrators?  Is this designed for Israel only?

  5. Why Won't you let him live?
    You have absolutly nothing to gain…. Nothing at all…
    Maybe… Somehow showing that you … DO stuff…. What do you do?…. really… Creating some fear??? Making the rest of young Iranians hate You??? I get that one,,,, Because they will… YES… Hate yoy….If You did't follow…. most people in Iran may think for themselves…They are great people… Imagine that…. It's just a fact..

    This is not about the common criminal, or the freedomfighter/terrrorist wich we so often are confronted with in the news. (for most people) This is about education; and seduction. To let people confronted with real problems having the right tools to adapt to the problems at hand. You might say that school will not giive comfort to hungry stomacs, and you are right. But school with a dinner meal, would give great comfort to a family in need. Wich is what most families in the world crave, and some desperately need. Peace, and peace of mind, to know that there is a tomorrow beyond this day. It is truly hard to not understand. 
    How do we go about this?…… Really….. Me?….. I don't have a clue……
    Well…. I don.t have a clue…. I have enough keeping my two kids in school, making them interrested in making a future for them selves… I try, and they give me great comfort in beeing the best in their classes…. Both teenagers doing great……So what''s my worry?
    I worry…. Because A large portion of the world are teenagers… For exaple like a young man called Saman Naseem…….. Young in the start of their life, starting to learn….. Why?….. Well .. You ask me…What are we actually working for???  To be A** **les?….   Yeah…. most people are really great.. Brothers, sisters, cousins, Mothers, Fathers,…. and what do they want?…. Yes… Exactly… Peace of mind for their people. How hard can it be?……

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