Jones writes to his brother Moses


Last year, Moses Akatugba was sentenced to death for armed robbery, a crime he says he didn’t commit. He was just 16 when he was arrested, and was beaten repeatedly before being forced to sign a confession.
Act now – demand the Nigerian authorities commute his sentence so he doesn’t face death.

Join Amnesty International’s global letter writing marathon, Write for Rights 2014.
Every December, Amnesty supporters like you write millions of messages for people whose human rights are under attack. Your words will help release prisoners of conscience. Bring torturers to justice. And change laws to protect people’s freedom.


  1. Jones letter to Moses (younger brother) is like poetry to me. The subtleness combined with the severity of a grieving family and the manner in which it was delivered I commend.
    To add my voice to the abolition of death sentence, in Nigeria's judicial system I speak on this day.

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