Nigeria: Gruesome footage implicates military in war crimes



Gruesome video footage gathered by Amnesty International provide fresh evidence of war crimes, including extrajudicial executions, and other serious human rights violations being carried out in north-eastern Nigeria as the fight by the military against Boko Haram and other armed groups intensifies.

The footage, obtained from numerous sources during a recent trip to Borno state, reveals graphic evidence of multiple war crimes being carried out in Nigeria.

It includes horrific images of detainees having their throats slit one by one and dumped in mass graves by men who appear to be members of the Nigerian military and the “Civilian Joint Task Force” (CJTF), state-sponsored militias. It also shows the aftermath of a Boko Haram raid on a village in which the armed group killed nearly 100 people and destroyed or badly damaged scores of homes and other buildings.


  1. who cares if they cut off boko haram members heads off? they murder and enslave little girls for a miserable short life of prostitution. I only feel bad for innocent civilians killed because they were thought to be boko haram.

  2. I don't care what colour, race or religion people come from this should not happen to anyone:( This truly sickens me that people have to live their lives in fear, even children are victims and they are the innocent. When will the violence and killing stop?

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    may their victims find peace…

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    there is no "glory" in killing, torturing, rapping, looting etc etc etc on civilian…
    its crystal clear that they are simply weak,scared and puss..otherwise, they'll never do these kinda shit..period!!
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  5. Amnesty International is a puppet of the USA, they cover atrocities committed by the USA minions, but, make a big deal of almost nothing from those enemies of the USA. They are the biggest Hypocrites.

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