One Billion Rising for Justice Sudan


In the midst of outrageous and heartbreaking news stories about Sudan, Sudanese V-Activists released this incredible video of their nation-wide One Billion Rising campaign for JUSTICE! The powerful footage reminds us that incredible work is being done every day on the ground by activist in their communities. Women, men, youth and children come together to address justice in Sudan and share their voices, their art, and their dance with the ongoing global movement to end violence against women and girls. This is what justice looks like!


  1. very powerful message & am happy to see a such massive number of participants (men & women) that means Awareness is growing & this is very important beginning for our Sudan 

  2. عدالة إيه
    البتتكلمي عنها يافاااااجراااات
    مآ تنسو إنكم من السودان
    ومن مجتمع اسلاااامي وله قيم ومبادئ شرعية
    وانت …..ياديوس
    بترضي أختك وبنتك ومرتك
    و..و..تطلع علي كيفها وتجي علي كيفها .. . .
    إلا تكون تيس يافاسق وفاجر كمان
    ديوووووووس انت بس
    مع تحياتي ….ود شندي
    شرف الدين أحمد إدريس

  3. Great massage and we all stand together to end violence against women and child marriages in Sudan we hope that one day there may be changes and equality between men and women that's most important thing.thank you so much for great massage

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