No foul play Brazil!



The lead up to the World Cup has prompted large scale demonstrations and public protests to which the police have responded with use of force, and in some cases “less lethal” weapons such as tear gas and rubber bullets.

Protests are likely to continue in coming weeks and the Brazilian Congress is considering new laws that could be used to crack down on protesters. Additionally, inadequate regulations and training for policing demonstrations pose a risk of more injuries to protesters due to excessive use of force by police.

Everyone has the right to peaceful protest — to exercise their human rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly – and the Brazilian Government has a duty to ensure that they can. That’s why we are giving the Brazilian Government a yellow card!
Together we can use our freedom of expression to send them a warning.

Join us and take action here:


  1. Chamado à decência: Peçam para a Seleção Brasileira de se retirar da Copa do Mundo 2014.
    Call for decency: Ask the Brazilian national football team to Withdraw from the 2014's World Cup.
    Essa petição é importante e precisa da sua ajuda. Entre no link abaixo para ter mais informações e assinar/compartilhá-la nas suas redes sociais:
    The petition is really important and could use our help. Click here to find out more and sign/share in your social medias:

  2. Most political driven video ever, it does not show all the real interests behind such campaign which in most cases funds the protest AND the police repression when its  only goal to undermine current Brazilian government since we are approaching presidential elections and for the first time in our history we have a left-wing president. Shame on you +Amnesty International USA for corroborate in such elaborate and dishonest play. 

  3. Keep calm and beat all the protestors

    The most hypocritical persons in all this affair is without any doubt the person who support all these demonstrations and who in the same time will watch the FIFA world cup on TV…..

  4. That's the way the government has been treating people who protest for minimal infrastructure and get in the way of their highly profitable contracts with FIFA and IOC! How can the government spend more than 3 billion dollars to reform a single soccer stadium (there are many other stadiums and sport arenas waiting to undergo overpriced reforms) while hundreds of thousands of people lay dying on corridors of public hospitals waiting for medical attendance and students have no classes in public schools because teachers have not been paid by the government in six months! 

    If you like sports, do yourself a favor: watch them on TV in the comfort and security of your houses. And if you're willing to come to Brazil on your vacations, try it at another time. You'll be doing yourself and ourselves a huge favor in our struggle for democracy and fight against endemic corruption.

    #therewillbenoworldcup   #nãovaitercopa  

  5. Rio's government has created a law that labels protesters as terrorist, so yes, protesting is against the law, now, and the punishment is to be arrest up to 30 years.

  6. Non è contro il calcio ma sì contro la corruzione,i furti,i politicì e l'abbandono con tutte le priorità del popolo brasiliano

    It's not AGAINST football BUT ALSO against Corruption, politicians, the robberies and the neglect with all priorities of the BRAZILIAN PEOPLE

    Il n'est pas contre le FOOTBALL, mais aussi contre la Corruption, hommes politiques, des vols et la négligence avec toutes les priorités du peuple brésilien

    Es ist nicht gegen Fußball, aber auch gegen Korruption, Politiker, die Diebstähle und die Vernachlässigung mit alle Prioritäten der BRASILIANISCHEN Bevölkerung

    No es contra el fútbol sino contra la corrupción, los políticos, los robos y la negligencia con todas las prioridades del pueblo brasileño

  7. I just hope these arruaceiros não estraguem a festa. Bando de babacas reacionários desocupados que nem sabem pq estão protestando ou o que pedem. 

  8. However, that is not so. The protests aren't prohibited. The problem is caused by black blocs and some superheroes  trying to enter into confrontation with the police. for fun. The protests would be perfect if not for the violence of these groups.

  9. fuerza hermanos brasileños mexico y la gente cociente los apoya 
    un pais ignorante es un pais callado pero un pais despierto es un pais de futuro 
    ustedes luchan por un pais de educación y nosotros pelearemos por nuestro petroleo y las reformas en este MUNDIAL de INTERESES 
    Prefiero morir de pie a vivir de Rodillas. Emiliano Zapata 

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  11. amigos brasileiros, não deixe a polícia parar a sua fúria contra esse show 
    agora você tem toda a nossa atenção, protestar! para cada injustiça que ocorre em seu país, luta, o povo está com você tudo


  13. Este vídeo é ridículo, tendencioso, não sabem o que nossas forças policiais enfrentam, nem mesmo o momento político de nosso país. Poque não fazem vídeo sobre o ISIS seus hipócritas, eles são os inimigos da humanidade.

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