Roma: We ask for justice


European states are failing to curb and in some cases even fuelling discrimination, intimidation and violence against Roma. There has been a marked rise in the frequency of anti-Roma violence in Europe in the last few years. The response to this alarming phenomenon has been inadequate. It is unacceptable that in modern-day Europe some Roma communities live under the constant threat of violence and pogrom-like attacks. All too often European leaders have pandered to the prejudices fuelling anti-Roma violence by branding Roma as anti-social and unwelcome. While generally condemning the most blatant examples of anti-Roma violence, authorities have been reluctant to acknowledge its extent and slow to combat it. For its part, the European Union has been reluctant to challenge member states on the systemic discrimination of Roma that is all too evident.
Amnesty International’s report, We ask for justice”: Europe’s failure to protect Roma from racist violenc, examines hate motivated violence and harassment perpetrated against Roma by officials and ordinary citizens in the Czech Republic, France and Greece, illustrating the organization’s concerns across the continent.

Demonstration material from the Czech Republic has been given to Amnesty International courtesy Tomas Rafa, RafaVideoArt (


  1. They are not Roma, they are gypsies coming from India.

    Amnesty, why don't you take home 10 gypsies and keep them for few days and your opinnion will change for ever. They refuse education and they are criminals! 
    They should go back to India

  2. I'm rather peaceful man, I really dislike collectivism when it comes to judge people, but all you so called "justice fighters" are just making me nervous. If you don't know the reason why people hate gypsies, just google "Luník IX". Those humanoid beings really deserved those kind of hate, it's in their responsibility to make them look good again, crying in biased report won't help them at all.

  3. Toutes les minorités ont droit à une vie décente,conformément aux principes fondamentaux des droits humains! Lire et relire la Déclaration Universelle des Droits de L'Homme!

  4. anyway..we should clear here a term …romanian gypsies (would be the nomads from India) are called now "rrom"(yes,is not a mistake ,is double"r")..and not all the gypses are coming from Romania lol I think all countries around the world have their's own "rrom" just call them  with different name.Talking about "rights"….hmm…when they are under the law,they always start to cry for the fact of being minorities; but when hey steal,beat or kill….how do you  apply the law? 

  5. it is absolutely shocking to me that even the comments to this film are partly deeply rascist and you never never ever can judge one People by a couple of persons who behave not right, and most of all you always have to see the whole Picture. Segregation ALWAYS leads to crime,  a low
    educational Standard, teen pregnancies and on and on. Everywhere in the world whether it is the gypsies, the native americans, the Aborigines and so on.

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